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Balenciaga Ceinture Boots

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

When your favourite perfume* matches your favourite new boots, you know that you're onto a winner.

I did it. I finally bought these Balenciaga Ceinture cut out boots. I'd saved for a few months for some other stuff but when I saw these were in stock on the Balenciaga website, they were added to my basket in a few short clicks. One thing I don't scrimp on is shoes. I've always preferred to buy quality shoes over some that will wear out within a few short months, or worse, fall apart. I figured these would be a huge investment piece, in my increasingly grown up wardrobe, that I'll most likely wear over and over, season upon season.

I've longed to have these boots upon my feet since seeing them all over some fashion blogs I read. I guess you could call me a sheep, but I like these boots so why not. At least they aren't those red Valentino Rockstud sandals or a Triangl bikini that everyone blogger and their granny seem to have...

These days my wardrobe has become much more refined. Refined in such a way that I'm buying pieces that aren't fast fashion (and jeezo, I'm calling them pieces!). I'm buying much less but what I am buying are items that I think are timeless therefore can be worn over and over. Gone are the days of the same Topshop chino trouser in an array of colours. Nowadays it's the Topshop black cigarette pant that can be worn with my Adidas shell toes or a pair of neon yellow Saint Laurent pumps (I blame Harvey Nichols summer sale for that cheeky purchase).

Back to the boots. These gorgeous heavy black cut out boots. I love them. From the shiny black leather and study soles to the heavy gold buckles and hardware. What I don't love is that my heels/ankles were full of Compeed and plasters because when I wore them for the first time a few weekends ago, I ended up with lots of blisters. I knew there would be a breaking in period though so once that's past I can't way to clip clop my way down the street again in my new black boots.

*that's Balenciaga Rosabotanica perfume, in case you're wondering.

Angela x

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