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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Disclaimer: Picture heavy post. Stay! Have a peek!

I woke early the next morning. When I looked at my phone it was 5.45am and so I closed my eyes for a little while longer. But my attempts weren't successful. It was 6.30am when I got up and took a few snaps out on the balcony. Shops below were starting to get ready for the day, cars were driving past, and you could hear the odd horn being honked.

I lay on the bed and stared at the view - for the millionth time. When I couldn't take it any longer I got up and got dressed for my day hitting the cobbled streets of Soho. But first breakfast.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I didn't eat at the hotel. For my first breakfast in New York, about 9am, I headed to Cafe Habana on Prince Street where I got 2 eggs (over easy) with wholemeal toast, home fries and a side of bacon, with a cup of tea.

It was tasty and certainly fuelled me for the morning. It's a small cafe but every window was pulled up letting the air and sounds of the streets filter on through. I'm glad I went that early as when I was leaving there was a fair crowd of people eating a hearty breakfast too.

I wandered along Spring Street where a few street vendors were setting up stalls with jewellery, hats and sunglasses. I made a mental note to come by later on. Carrying on into Soho and those cobbled streets I wandered and browsed in a few shops but didn't buy anything just yet.

What I did do though was take plenty of pictures because actually, not only are the shops great in Soho, but the buildings are spectacular. The architecture of these old buildings are amazing and most are adorned with symmetrical fire escapes. Occasionally there is some street art too.

After a few hours of wandering I headed back to the hotel to get changed. It was boiling hot and so I wasn't as fresh as I'd been earlier in the day.

After that I headed up to Madison Square Park for dinner, otherwise known as a burger from Shake Shack. When I got there the queue was almost half way around the park and so I grabbed a space on the bench whilst I decided if I'd wait in the queue or not.
The Shake Shack queue

It seemed to be moving quick enough and so after twenty minutes of rest, I joined the queue. Time doesn't really matter when you're on holiday, or in New York! Plus it was only about 4pm. By the time i sat down with my burger at a table it was gone 5pm, so a little over an hour in the queue. There could be worse places to do this though...

Madison Square Park

The burger was soooo tasty. A combination of good cooking, cheese and burger sauce. But I absolutely loved those cheese fries. Crinkle cut chips (not your skinny fries) with a squirt of the cheesiest, tastiest cheese sauce on them. Double yum. I devoured every last piece of them.

Once I had let the food digest I was on my way again and headed back downtown to the hotel. I was stuffed so I got off the subway at Union Square and had a lovely evening walk down Bowery passing by the Standard East Village and Bowery hotels. There were plenty of cool little restaurants which were being occupied by patrons sipping after work drinks, no doubt.

The Bowery Hotel

Street art on the wall of Rag and Bone on East Houston St

I got lost in Wholefoods!
After that it was a wander around Nolita again to Rice and Riches (as mentioned in previous post), then back to the hotel to collapse on the bed. But not before some more pictures of that view!

Kenmare Street - towards Soho

 Angela x

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