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Sunday, 8 March 2009

So that was a busy weekend!! Phew, birthdays aren't usually that hard work but it was a very enjoyable weekend that has left me with a cold and runny nose.

I'd decided ages ago to make this birthday a special time for me in what will be one of the best years of my life so far. And so it began on Thursday with a trip to Glasgow for a bite to eat and then onto a Mountain film festival at Glasgow University run by Olly Metherell of Super7. We had a tortuous journey as we hit the busy rush hour traffic and then I only managed to go and take the wrong exit from the M8. A little detour action was needed but we eventually made our way to the car park I'd circled on the map just behind Ashton Lane in the West End (which also just happened to be conveniently situated next to the venue for the film festival). By this time we'd been in the car for an hour and a half and I so needed a pit stop as soon as we got to the restaurant. A quick meal was delivered and then we set off to watch some films.

I think Linda was disappointed there were no chick flicks on show but she soon had a wee tear in here eye watching this one film about 2 South African rowers. Very good story. Then there was Echo Wall by Clare and Dave MacLeod. It still amazes how people can hang from a rock with only one finger and one toe actually touching the rock!! Amazing.... Next was I Can Do That - the story of the Lipstick Blondes and their expedition to ski off the summit of Mustagh Alta (7546m). Very inspiring group of women but it left me slightly concerned about my trek (I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it but it kind of spooked me a wee bit!!). To finish off was Zoltan which in fact was a good way to finish the night off, very funny wee 5 minute film and I think I'm going to take up 'tubing' next, ha ha.

After a wee chat with Olly it was time to set off on the homeward journey. This only took about 30 minutes - roads much quieter than the drive in.

I woke on the morning of my birthday feeling... well pretty much the same actually. Aren't birthdays always like that? Set off for work and had a pretty good day all in all. We started with our customary Friday morning scone from Clive's cafe. Yum! A few messages came in via various sources from friends old and new. It was great. Then it was time to head home for the get-together at my house.

People started arriving about 8pm and soon the house was filled with family and a few friends (mum has a huge family - 12 brothers & sisters). As I was sitting there listening to everyone chat away I thought this is great! All the people that meant something to me were there. Of course a few were missing due to various other commitments but i had a warm fuzzy glow inside knowing that they'd all made the effort to come for my birthday. Now there was supposed to be a rule in place that no-one except Linda and Christine stuck too - the rule was you had to bring something relating to 1) Nepal, 2) the mountains or 3) the number 32!! Linda brought a Toblerone and Christine brought a pasta necklace (32 pieces of pasta on it) and the pendant was a small karabiner with a little compass attached!! Good effort ladies well done. None of my family brought anything like that although they did threaten to come dressed as the Von Traps!! (Mountain related - sort of!) ha ha. I opened my cards and Linda had given me a picture card she'd bought at the film festival the previous night - it is well cool and ...sshhh *whisper* one of the best birthday cards I've had in ages... Well chuffed I was.

So Friday was a great night and I think it eventually ended about 2am after the guitar and drums came out and a few old favourite songs were sung. There's about 3 songs that are sung at all the family do's: whiskey in the jar, blueberry hill and forever and ever (my fav old tune). It was good and made me a bit emotional sitting listening to them all chanting away to their hearts content. Family and friends - what it's all about really eh!

Saturday I had a lie in and was woken by the postman knocking at the door. My new Oakley prescription sunglasses had arrived!!!! They are fantastic and so light-weight to wear. Perfeck! The afternoon was spent in Stirling getting more kit - or so I thought. I'd decided to head into Tiso to see if I could pick up a few smaller items: all purpose soap, gel hand wash, iodine tablets and more but managed to come out with another pair of socks, a merino base layer top, a spork! and neutralising tablets. They didn't have much other wee bits in stock. I heard quite an amusing conversation between two members of staff but out of courtesy I won't mention a word!

Saturday evening was spent at my good friend Donna's. We got a takeaway and settled in to watch a good girlie film - Definitely Maybe. It's a nice wee chick flick and, yes, it managed to make us cry a bit. Just what you need every now and again eh ladies?

Sunday was another birthday in the family so again we gathered at my aunts house for dinner and a good old natter. A good laugh but by 7pm I was starting to flag a bit. So I said my good-byes and came home (which is only just down the road by the way).

So yeah I was a busy wee bee this past weekend and never got out in the hills. Must try harder!

The countdown to the trek is just 24 days!!! I remember this time last year when the first thoughts of trekking to Everest Base Camp were just a dream, soon it will be a reality and now I am starting to panic a bit. It will be well worth it though, won't it?...

take care

Ange xx

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