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Friday, 20 March 2009

I took delivery of my brand new camera yesterday!! Woop woop. Still a bit unsure as to how to work it with all these amazing features (in fact they might not be that amazing but it says so on the box!!) High speed (it says), can record in slow motion so you can choose which picture looks best and you want to keep, has a YouTube function on it (for easy uploading to YouTube of course!), is black and looks quite nifty which is all well and good but I've stumbled across a few slight fiddly annoying things.

The slot for the battery and memory card is fine but... the little flap opens and you can hardly get the memory card out because it's so close to the flap!! Designers?!! They could just as easily have moved it to open from the other side. It's also a bit heavier and slightly longer/wider than my previous camera. I've taken a few test pictures but nothing to right home about yet. I'll take it out with me this weekend, get a few landscape shots and see if it's going to give me lovely Himalayan landscapes to look back on with great fondness.... aaaaaaaa......

One thing that concerns me is how will I charge the battery up when I'm away? I did consider buying a spare but then found it would cost £34.99 for the 'real mccoy'. I'm a bit wary of buying cheaper versions - does it really invalidate your warranty! Anyway i think for a small fee at the wee tea-houses on the trek you can charge batteries. But this means taking the battery charger/plug and a travel adaptor. Which all adds to the weight.... hhhmmmmmm. Decisions, decisions. So much to think about so little time.

Training wise - Been at the gym and then for another mammoth mid-week walk. Gym again tonight and then out to the great outdoors Saturday and Sunday. I decided to leave the packing till next week when I can get my forty lists out and tick each item off as it goes in the bag...

take care,
Ange xx

PS I'm telling you, if you don't have the new Kings of Leon (Only by the night) album, go buy it. It's fantastic...

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