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Friday, 6 March 2009

Yes that's right, it's my birthday as of 1 minute and 15 seconds ago!!! Do I feel older? No. Do I look older? Certainly not!!!! Is this going to be a good year? Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthdays are always strange days for me. I was out in Glasgow with 2 great friends tonight and we were having dinner and musing over how as we get older we get more reflective on our birthdays (as if I'm not reflective enough as it is!). Anyway yeah for a couple of years now I have assessed my life on each birthday and let me tell you it has never been better. Of course there are a few things missing and stuff I wish I'd have done by now but hey I am getting there and I just know that there is so much more to come from me. I've never really had a party on birthdays, no 18th, no 21st so this year I'm having a little get-together for friends and family. It's part birthday and partly because I want to gather all the wonderful people who have helped me over the past few years by just being there and by giving good advice and wise words of encouragement when I've slightly wavered. I did say on the invite, it's a party in case I don't come back from Nepal but that was in jest and when everything goes to plan and I've made it to Base Camp I'll be back in Stirling live and kicking on Saturday 18th April 2009. Take note...

Talking of which, I took receipt of my final joining instructions and information pack about the trek. It is well and truly official now. In 4 weeks time exactly I'll be sitting on a plane winging my way from Heathrow to Kathmandu via Bahrain!! Waaaaaaaa....... now that is scary.

So my birthday weekend got off to a fantastic start with our wee trip to Glasgow's West End this evening, thank you Linda and Susan for putting up with the traffic and slight 30 minute detour. Never mind, George and Mildred kept us amused for a wee minute there even if my bladder was ready to burst... please don't mention the belt incident! That would not have been a good look, ha ha. And Linda, sorry there were no chick flicks on offer but I think you liked the films anyway... ;-)

So if it's your birthday out there too, Happy Birthday!.. to me and you fellow Pisces (see below)
take care
Ange xx

Song of the day: I want you - Kings of Leon
PISCES FACTS - if you're into all of that!
The Astrological birth sign of Pisces (February 19 - March 20) is usually associated with being extremely creative, sensetive, and artistic, as well as a healthy fascination with the metaphysical and spiritual.

The duality of the Pisces personality is best described as a constant ebb and flow,back and forth, straddling the physical, material world and the ethereal, divine realm where Pisces vivid imagination, powerful intuition and creative daydreaming feel like home.
Pisces are creators. Pisces are common as inventors, writers, musicians, painters, and dancers. Pisces make great friends and mates. Pisces are extremely loyal and caring. Pisces often possess uncanny intuitive or psychic abilities.

PISCES - February 19 - March 20 Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac and is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. The two fish symbolize the internal struggle of the soul within a Pisces. Often, the fish are swimming away from each other in a circle representing life after death or reincarnation. Pisces is considered a feminine or negative sign. Feminine signs are considered more passive, receptive and sensitive than masculine/positive signs.

Pisces are sensitive, humane and often idealistic. People born under this sign react emotionally to everything making them compassionate and sensitive to those around them. Rather than taking an analytical approach to life, pisces react to the feelings of others and as a result can be very influential when they choose to be. In the right situaltion a Pisces can be capable of incredible deeds. The positive nature of a Pisces and the fact that they are tuned into the feelings of others makes them socially popular.
Being able to read and react to situations makes Pisces one of the most adaptive signs in the Zodiac. They are very intuitive and as a result can be flexible and prosper in many different situations. The intuitive nature of Pisces also makes them a very creative and imaginative sign. Pisces are often artists, writers and dreamers. The strong intuition of a Pisces can also mean that they are very spiritual.

ELEMENT: Water Pisces is one of 3 water signs in the Zodiac, all of which share similar characteristics. Water signs are typically sensitive, emotional (sometimes vulnerable), creative, sensitive and melancholic. The other water signs in the Zodiac that share these characteristics are Cancer and Scorpio.

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