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Breaking News! Lance Armstrong! Glasgow! Tomorrow!

Monday, 17 August 2009

I did make my way to Glasgow and Paisley albeit it too late!! So I did not catch glimpse of the Lance Armstrong show. However good buddy Andrew made his way there much much earlier and managed to get this great pic of the man himself. I am gutted i missed him but hey there's always the Tour de France next year! If anyone ou there was there and managed to get a pic, get in touch. I'd like to hear your story! :o)

12noon, (today) Tuesday 18th August 2009. Ashtree House Hotel, 9 Orr Square, Paisley. Take your bike!!

Oh my goodness!! Breaking News. Lance Armstrong has just posted a tweet on his Twitter feed saying that he will land in Glasgow tomorrow!! Those who know me will also know that I have followed this guy since forever, he is one of my heroes. I may even have to phone in sick and go searching him out. Plans were afoot to go to see the Tour de France this year but those fell through so this prospect excites me like nothing else could. Who's in?? I'm currently searching the web in the hope I find out where he might be so that I maybe could catch a glimpse.

The Tour of Ireland takes place 21-23 August and Lance is riding in that with Team Astana. Then there's the Livestrong Global Cancer Summit which will take place in Dublin on 24-26 August. If you've seen the "blogs I like" list to the right hand side of this page then you might have read some of the Livestrong blog which gives regular updates on Lance and the global fight against cancer. Why not get yourself a yellow band and show your support? I've worn mine's for well over 4 years now and it only gets removed on special occasions such as weddings when it doesn't exactly match the outfit! Sorry Lance! ha ha.

Anyway to say I would be excited out my nut! to even catch a glimpse of Lance Armstrong on Scottish shores would be a huuuuuge under statement... I'd love it! Wouldn't I Linda?? Anyone got any details let me know. This is a plea! Also if you are around and about Glasgow tomorrow, get me a photie if you see him - pwetty pweese :o) hee hee.

3 of my fav things: Lance, Art and Colours all in this print

Ange xx


  1. I'm also tempted to bunk off work for this!

    At first I wondered if he might be here for the Skyride event in Glasgow on Sun but as you say, he's meant to be in Ireland at the weekend. Who knows!

    Anyway, hope you find him!


  2. Cheers Paul. Mass bunk off i say :o)

    12 noon, venue tbc!!



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