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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

... pulling the puzzles apart. Questions of science, science and progress did not speak as loud as my heart. ...I'm going back to the start.

1977 is the year of my birth, it is also the year Chris Martin was born; 5 is the number of years i have worked at the University of Stirling; 32 is the number of minutes when Gary Caldwell got sent off in the Scotland game; 4 is the number of my favourite track, Candy, on Paolo Nutini's album Sunny Side Up; 13 is the number of siblings my mum has; 12 is the number of planes I've been on on 4 different holidays - you do the maths!; 80,000 is the number in pounds i would need to buy a decent place of my own - got a loan?; 21 is the number of beads on my bracelet i bought at the monastery in Tengboche; 60 is the number of pounds I sold some kit for the other day and added it to my "new kit" fund; 3 or 4 is the size of my shoes - depends on the shoe of course; 1504 is the number of photos in my Flickr photostream and 877 is the number of views it's had; 61 is the number of people i follow on Twitter and of those, 2 is the number of people I actually know; 3 is the number of watches I have and 195 is the number of pounds i paid for my most expensive one; 2009 is the current year, the year that was meant to be marked in my life for an amazing thing and is now fast becoming the year that it will have been overshadowed; 4 is the number of body lotions i currently have sitting on a shelf; 2 is the number of legs i have and it's also the number of dodgy knees i have; 10 is the number of Munros I have scaled but in reality I have climbed Munros 13 times including 2 that i never reached the top - it all counts to me!; 1 is the number of times I have appeared in Trail magazine and 249 is the number of times I have picked it up to read and haven't quite got there yet; 2002 is the number of the year that I changed MY life forever but 2005 is the number of the year when it all started to go right; 1.25 is the weight of my sleeping bag - ooft, heavy but cosy; 06042009 is the date I camped outside for the first time in my life and I kinda loved it; 4300 is the altitude i reached on my trek but 5600 was what i wanted to get to; 437 is the number of read emails in my inbox - I'm a hoarder in all aspects of my life; 3 is the number of books on my bedside cabinet and 2 is the number I'm reading at the minute; 4000 is the number of pounds I raised for Marie Curie Cancer Care; 10 is the number of pairs of Bridgedale socks I have - I love them socks; 7 is the number of times Lance Armstrong has won the Tour De France; 1143 is the number of songs in my iTunes library and 6.34 is the number of Gb; 4 is the number of times I've seen Coldplay live and 16092009 is the date I will have seen them 5 times; 45 is the age of Brad Pitt - can you believe it!?; 40 is the number in kilos of the weight I used on the hamstring curl machine and wow can I feel - ouch!; 3 is the number of the month in which I was born and my birthday is on a Saturday in 2010 - yay!; 1756 is the approximate number of pounds I would like just now to buy some kit and 160 is the actual number I have in my fund - it's only just started mind; 398 is the number of calories in a Stoats Hazlenut and White Chocolate Porridge bar and 85 is the number of grams it weighs; 33 is the number of litres my Osprey Talon rucksack holds; 3 is the number of pink OS maps I own and their numbers are 41, 50 and 56 and I own 1 orange OS Explorer map in number 364; 05032009 was the last time I was out in Glasgow at night with 2 friends, we went to Ketchup then a mountain film festival and on return from Nepal I found out I had also been given a parking fine worth 60 pounds - there wasn't a ticket on the car! - honest!; 144816, 182333 & 171350 (combined) are something that cheers me up every day; 94 is the number of posts on this blog and number 100 will be a "special edition" but I will need cooperation?; 9 is the number of emails in my draft folder and 1 in there is still being composed; I have 1 pair of walking boots, 1 waterproof jacket, 4 merino base layers, 3 pairs of trousers of which 2 currently fit ok, 1 windtop, 8 dry bags in 6 different sizes, 1 kitbag and 1 cosy warm down jacket; 7.09 is currently the time on the cooker which is funny cos none of the other clocks in the house read this time; 2 is the number of times I listen to tracks 3, 4 & 5 on Paolo Nutini's new album on the drive to and from work; and finally 114 was the number of days it took me to sort out my kitbag since my return from Nepal.

What are your numbers?

Ange xx

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