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Seasons - they're a changing

Thursday, 20 August 2009

It fell to the ground slowly. A leave that still had a bit of colour. But it was looking decidedly tired. I think Autumn's on it's way. And you know what that means? Winter will be here soon too. And I wonder what will that bring?...

I think the seasons are changing. From Summer to Autumn, it's happening pretty quickly this year. The nights are getting darker earlier. The mornings are still a bit light except when it's raining and then I need to put the light on when the curtains are drawn. It's these little things that let us know that times they are a changing. Then there's mum's age old way of scientifically measuring the flow from one season to another. It's the Street-ligh timing method - "that was twenty past nine they lights went on the night Ange" she'll say, to which i'll reply "Was it?", then she'll say "Aye, the dark nights are fairly drawin in". And so it goes on.

Summer. Was it a good one? For me it was a mixed bag. I never did as much as I'd planned to. But plans are made and can also be broken. It just means you can make more plans that are perhaps better than the ones you had in the first place - cool! I did partake in a lot of good things though like my first ever trip to London which by the way was ace! I climbed Ben Lomond - twice! and one of them was at night. Which was also great! This has now become a good hill to do as it's not too far from home but is more of a test than Dumyat is at 430m high.
Photo credit: PTC

I also climbed Ben Starav which was a beast of a day but good all the same. We had a few different weather systems going on that day but ended with blue skies and sunshine and a good wee stop by a fine flowing river then magnificent views of Glencoe area on the journey home. I love that area. I like being a passenger in a car in that area. Can't get enough of those views that change with every cloud shadow. I also had the house to myself for a whole 2 weeks. Which on the face of it may sound good but there were a few days in there that I hadn't spoken to anyone for about 3 days so had to phone Linda for a wee chat! ha ha. Summers end will bring something from nature. I'm not sure about it yet but we'll see...

Autumn... what shall it bring? Well, work is really starting to heat up and the students are back on 15th September so it'll be busy busy busy. Quite stressful but good all the same. You should see some of their scared wee faces when they turn up for first year. Wee shame but we soon help them find their feet. There will be my 5th time seeing Coldplay (with Jay-Z no less). I cannot wait, they are one of my favourites. Excited? Aye! There's my ongoing training regime for my Spring 2010 plan. This will hopefully be a successful regime that will bring a decent amount fitness as well as a release of the pain in the knees. Fingers crossed.

Winter... oooh goodness knows what will happen then? But I'm looking forward to it. Cold winds blowing in your face as you walk along admiring the wonderful scenery that unfolds with every step and with every corner turned. Rain battering off your face and you not caring except you can't see cos your glasses are covered. Walking up a hill and the wind either hindering you or helping you along the way. Nature's helping hand in whatever form it takes. Winter usually goes from October to March and March is meant to be spring time but in recent years there's still been snow on the ground when it's my birthday. I doubt if it'll change next year. And my birthday falls on a Saturday next year - don't you just love it when that happens! Great stuff!

After Winter comes Spring but we won't jump away ahead of ourselves just yet. Let's get this 2009 show rolling to it's next destination first.

Ange xx


  1. Some nice outdoor pics there Ange!

    Personally I love Autumn on the hills, especially when you get a high pressure system giving you nice crisp mornings, the changing of the trees and no more thunder storms keeping me off the tops. Winter's the same but even nicer!

  2. Yep I love those photos. 2 in Winter section were at end of November last year on Beinn Teallach. In fact the last one i got blown up, framed and gave to the parents as a Christmas present - it now hangs proudly on the living room wall. :o)

    That was my first winter walk! (I'm so new to all this eh! lol) Snowed heavy the night before on the drive up, woke to blue skies, sunshine, crisp and cold day but lovely. Nice sunset too. What more could you ask for...

  3. I'd like to ask for time off to enjoy this autumn, as I write this I've just updated the shift planner at work with unavailable for overtime next weekend. My boss won't be happy but at least ill get out to play.

  4. Ah good stuff!
    I still have 6 days holiday left to take before end of September when the new holiday year begins! I must take some days off and get out to play more soon.. very soon.


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