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Adevnt Calendar - Doors 4, 5 and 6 (bumper edition!)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Ok so I forgot to update the advent calendar over the past couple of days.  Things happen and you forget - oops!  but here goes...

Door 4

I call this the walk of pain.  A gully on Bidean nam Bian in Glencoe.  Took me hours and hours to walk down to that car park in the distance.  It teased me all the way down and never came any closer until the last few painful steps.  June 2008.

Door 5

That wonderful majestic looking mountain Ama Dablam in the Solukhumbu valley, Himalayas.  I love this picture that I took with my very own hands...  great!

Door 6

A cool place, somewhere up the hills...  I like it...

Ange xx


  1. Door 4 has to be visited this winter, it's been a couple of years sonce I was last there I think.
    6 looks familiar... ?

  2. Door 4 was great but tough, very tough. But it was my first one so I was allowed to be knackered after it.

    Door 6 IS familiar. I liked that wee hidey-hole. Hey I was going to put a photo of you on, on all fours trying to get those sheep in that photie but I thought "nah i'll not ruin his street cred"!

    Door 4 in Winter - oooh now that's a scary but exciting thought!


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