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Something's Not Quite Right

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I woke up this morning and something was just not quite right.  I was tired.  Partly due to not going to sleep until 2am as I was watching disc 4 of series 4 of Prison Break that had been delivered from LoveFilm and partly due to the fact i'd woken up at 6.23am and drifted in and out of drowsiness due to the strange ache in my calves, forearms, hands, head... all over aches really.  I got up went down stairs and Dad made a cup of tea.  I was feeling slightly sorry for myself and could barely speak.  My throat being clogged up too.  I seem to have caught some sort of achey, flu thing - probably from Ryan who's had it for about 2 weeks.

Mum came in from town and made breakfast.  Piece on square sausage and another cup of tea.  I couldn't get comfy on the couch, turning and twitching every few minutes as my old body ached away to itself.  I wondered if this was it's way of telling me something.  

I felt a bit better after a shower and put some music on the hi-fi.  Jees that's an old fashioned word in this day of iPods, laptops, iPhones isn't it?  A hi-fi!  But yes i put a CD on the hi-fi and wondered what i would do today.  You see i'm not very good at sitting still and doing nothing.  Well I can just about manage it for a day or two but when you're off on holiday from work I cannot stand just simply sitting in the house and doing nothing.  I read a few blogs on my iPhone and a few were sort of year-end reviews.  I have planned on writing one for here but just can't bring myself to do it at the moment.  2009 was after all meant to be the year where everything would fall into place.  Yes there was the highest of highs but there were also the lowest of lows and I'm sure you don't want to read about that so I'm leaving it for now.  You see New Year is probably my least favourite time of the year.  There's so much pressure to be 'doing something' for New Year when in actual fact you'll most likely find me sitting watching telly and probably going to sleep and then on 1st January hoping that it was the 2nd January and that no-one comes to our house for a party.  But that's just wishful thinking. 

So back to wondering what i'd do when not feeling 100%.  I've not a runny nose, nor am I being sick, i just have aching bones, a very stuffed nose and throat and that general run-down feeling.  I popped a couple of Sudafed tablets, got wrapped up in my cosy Rab down jacket and headed out in the car.  First stop the post office to post a birthday present to a certain someone in Londonshire! then a drive along the hillfoots and back into Tesco to stock up on my Hogmanay carry-oot: a 6 pack of Wee Bru's, a bottle of Lucozade, 2 packs of cheese and onion Kettle Chips, a Terrys Chocolate Orange (cos shock horror Santa never brought me one of those either!!) and a 4 pack of AAA Lithium batteries for my head torch.  Petrol station next and then home.  I was now feeling still achey but a bit better.

So i've just had more Sudafed tablets, i'm kind of composing a year end blog post, my shopping ban is kinda working (apart from my trip to Tesco today!) and i'm going to do some sewing as it's really relaxing.  So if i'm not on here before 1st January comes around I wish you all a good New Year whatever you may be doing.  And that's it.  Low-key.  The way i like New Year.  

Take care out there friends
Ange xx             

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