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Advent Calendar - Doors 7 & 8

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

So doors 7 and 8 are going to be treats for me in the hope that Santa (or many Santa's) are watching and seeing what I want on my Christmas list.  They are also pretty cool!!

Door 7

A beautiful little website of really really cool illustrations and prints that you can buy!!!  It is called The Speakerdog Shop by Ben The Illustrator and it made me smile when i saw it yeserday.  I'd love to put the photos on here of the illustrations but I won't cos I guess that would be against the copyright law (or something) so I'm just going to list the links and you can pop along by there to see them...

Street Talk poster set (Santa, don't bring me this, I have already ordered it) but isn't it just great? 

Marshmellow Daze World Lovin poster - another cute pic!

Feast for the Senses World Lovin poster - fabuous colours... loves it!!

plus there are a few others that really caught my eye.  I hope you like them as much as I do and can say that this would brighten up my Christmas festive period of one of these came down the chimney...

Door 8

I adore this picture taken by Peter Aughton on our EBC trek.  I think it just totally captured my contemplative mood at that time when the rest of the group headed onwards and upwards and I headed backwards and down.  It is just above the village of Pherice which is famous for having the Himalayan Rescue Post/Hospital in it and is the first port of call for mountaineers with altitude related problesm when they are on the mountains.  It also featured on the BBC and Sky tv documentaries on Everest.  It was a nice place with an excellent lodge with the only 10 out of 10 toilets on the whole trip (ie not a drop squat, and actual toilet, ha ha).

Anyway I think the picture is wonderful.  I hope you like it too.

Ange xx

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