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Saturday, 15 October 2011

With the imminent arrival of the new iPhone 4S on Friday, I've been thinking (that word again!) of how the iPhone and the Internet have really changed my life in the past two years that I've had mine. I know this sounds soooo dramatic but honestly friends, if you were to give up your iPhone (other smart phones are available) what would you do to fill those minutes of your day that you spend checking-in, reading emails on the run, playing your go in Words with Friends or catching up via Whats App. Yes, there is a counter argument that would actually be able to have a little bit of time out. You;d be on a train and can perhaps read a book, or (Jesus weeps) actually chat to the person sitting next to you for the best part of a three hour journey.

But seriously. In the two years that i've had my iPhone I have felt more connected to people and life outside my village. I have loads more confidence when meeting new people (and that sentence just totally contradicts my last two posts). I have discovered new things; some good new things, some bad new things. It has made me hanker after things that may be impossible to get but i hanker nonetheless.

Where the iPhone really comes into it's own are days when you're feeling down and suddenly it buzzes into life with a new message from Wee Bri on Whats App. Wee Bri being my cousin who has gone travelling to the other side of the world. He's now 2 months into a year away and is in Sydney if you're wondering. Anyway the phone buzzed the other day and it was him asking the price a new 16Gb memory card for a camera. These moments are priceless and would not be possible without the iPhone nor indeed the Internet.

Btw I keep referring to my iPhone but there are other just as capable phones out there. It's just that my phone of choice is the iPhone so for the benefit of this post, iPhone is what i shall refer to.

My phone has made it easier to Tweet and keep in touch on Facebook. It has found in me a new passion for taking photos. I've got 1900 photos on my phone currently and that's with deleting hundreds the other week! Photo and camera apps are my biggest vice. I have loads and I take loads of pictures, even getting them printed as prints and magnets via Hipstamatic and Stickygram. They're wonderful. Not forgetting Instagram. Another awesome little iPhone app. I can search for anything on the Internet at any time, as long as there's not a shite signal. I'm looking at you her O2! It's ironic that the one thing i don't do very often is talk on the phone, except to my mum or my sister. All those free minutes are wasted on me each month. I get beaten on a regular basis on Words with Friends, although I let the people win so they feel better *cough*...

Aaanywaaaaayyysss..... I'll be backing up my phone tonight, installing new iOS5 - hopefully without any glitches, and getting ready to buy the new phone on Friday. I've got a day off and everything. Sad i Know but when you all got the iPhone 4 I was so envious but glad I kept the 3GS.

iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3GS with fully installed iOS5

Update: I wrote this post on Wednesday before I backed up my phone and installed iOS5. Well, what a palaver that was! it took hours and hours and hours. I started it about 8.30pm and it just wouldn't back up. Then it did. Then i had to download iOS5, which on my connection and very old laptop took another 2.5 hours. Then i started installing it and after a few go's it eventually did. Somewhere in between 1.30am and me falling asleep. In between though i had to get rid of the music on it as it was now saying there wasn't enough space for everything. So I did. I woke to iOS5 fully installed on my 3GS. It worked fine, but was missing the music.

I suppose what I value most that the iPhone has helped bring me, and I realise this may sound daft, but it has brought into my life thoroughly great people who I can now call friends. People who get me. People who take the time to get in touch. People I have shared laughs and stories with. Those people I'm sure will be in my future.

Angela x

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