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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Occasionally I tweet a few #Angefact's on Twitter and the other day someone tweeted back to say they weren't sure my Ange Fact's were true. Well, they are true. Every single one of them. Perhaps it's because some of them are a little silly? Here's what it was, I said I'd never had a hot chocolate before. That's true. I haven't, but that got me thinking...

I decided that in December there are loads of things going on and loads of stuff to do but i always seem to just Christmas shop my way through it and then kick myself for missing out on the fun. I figured, like i usually do that I'd blog about all these things and turn then into AngeFact's that i have actually done! Good idea eh. And if i blog the list of things i want to do then they're sure to happen, right? So here goes...

1) well it has to be have a HOT CHOCOLATE! This may seem silly but I've never really liked the idea of hot chocolate. Mostly because I'd only ever seen that light brown powdery stuff in the purple tin tub (you know the one). My idea of a perfect hot chocolate would be something along the lines of nutella, but a little more runny. Not bitter stuff mind you. That would put me right off. Can you recommend anywhere that sells nice lovely tasty hot chocolate?

2) wander around the Christmas markets in Edinburgh. I've only ever had a flying visit. Passing through sort of thing on the way to somewhere else. It wasn't enough time to stop and browse and buy little goodies you can't find elsewhere. Want to come along?

3) following on from number 2 is have a go on the big wheel in Princes Street (or George Square). I'm not fussed. Note, if it's windy I'll probably pass up the opportunity.

4) take a long exposure photo. I've always wanted to learn how to take one of these photos. Winter seems like the perfect time to do it. With all the car lights, spinning big wheels, torch words! Let's do it!!

5) blog more. I've totally been slacking of late in the blogging. But I'm going to (try) blog every day in December. I'll try not to put too many photo only posts up.

6) make plans for January. January is a strange month. It's like limbo. Post Christmas blues set in and it seems like there's nothing to do except wait on the new series' of TV programmes to begin. So, I'm trying to add things to my diary to do during this limbo month. What are your January plans? Anything exciting?

7) not go and panic buy more presents on or around 21st December. I plan on having all my Christmas shopping done by mid December at the latest. I've got a few bits in already so that's good.

8) have a night out in my new dress! It's a gorgeous little black dress that I've never had before and i love it. I'd never have worn it a few months ago but now, yes, it's time to get the glad rags on and go out for a night out. Wahey!

I'll leave it at 8 for now. But i may add to this list. Are there little things that pass you by? Things that you might think nothing of doing but never seem to get around to it? Let's all do them!

Angela x

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