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Last Day of November

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

It's the last day of November. the 30th. St Andrew's Day, and yet I don't really know anyone that puts much effort into this Scottish day. Do you? Do you even know an Andrew? whose a saint...

It's also a day when most people at work seem to be on strike. Over pensions. And the Government. I don't really understand it. All I know is the I can't afford to take a day off work so i'm here. And it's my right to be here just as much as it is their right to be out there, striking on a picket line, or alternatively shopping. Because in my building alone there are about 85 people and there's only about 8 of those we've seen on the picket line... That's not to say others aren't elsewhere but really? i don't think so. Anyway this post wasn't going to be about that. But i shall say this. I've been thinking about cashing in my pension for ages. It's quite a big hit off my modest monthly administrator's wage. Plus, by the time i retire, the age will have jumped up to 85 or 90, the money won' be worth half as much and i figure i could actually use the money i have sitting there to out a deposit on a house, or something more practical like that. Couldn't I? I hate having to pay something into a pot of money that will probably go down and down and down until i retire. And prices will inevitably go up. Should I plan that far ahead, or should i just say to heck with this and live a life now? These are the decisions I think about. It's a big one. Do we need a pension? My mum retired after paying into a pension for years with the council. She gets a pittance back. Rubbish.

Anyway, like i said, this post wasn't to be about pensions. Oh, wait, I've got another thing to say. There are some posting things from high on their pulpits about public sector workers not thinking as much about the people they are serving as they are on strike. How about you walk in their shoes for a few hours on their wages and see if your opinion changes then. ok. Right, that was my last word on that subject.

So it's the last day of November. Only 32 days until 2011 ends and 2012 begins. I've done a lot of things this year that I'm proud of. But the list goes on and on of exciting things I want to do. And with you by my side I will do them. Do we have a deal? Well do we?!!

We have December to look forward to with all its glitter and tinsel and Christmas cheer (well some of us are cheery). We have January to look forward to. The nights start to get lighter (honest, they do. I timed it each night in January last year), the year is young and fresh and we start to plan for the summer. We have February, the month of fake love day. the day when couples feel obliged to do something together. If you're a couple you should be doing things like that anyway, or else where's the fun in that! March. Lovely, lovely spring green March. The month of my birthday (get it in your diaries), the month of breaking out your spring wardrobe (mine never changes!), the month of impromptu mini breaks (well in my head there is). The best month of the year in my opinion. Then we have April. A transitional month. When the nip in the air becomes slightly less nippy, you could even go out with out a jacket on if you're lucky. Then we fly ever faster into May. Generally nice weather. Day trips. Heck perhaps there's even a trip to a beach with a picnic, now wouldn't that be nice. June and we're rollerblading head on into summer mode. Pink skin a-plenty. New hair. Summer fun has well and truly started. July comes hot on June's heels. More summer fun, more hotter days (we can dream!) and more and more days out. Remember, we're all going to Alton Towers in July - get that in your diaries too. August bumbles it's way into your life and you're not nearly all summered out but your getting there. The street lights are noticeably on earlier, you can sit out the back and with your cardi thrown over your shoulders but goddammit it's still summer so you ain't putting a jacket on. Here comes September. All browns and yellows and drawing in nights. We like September too, don't we. There's a little bit of wind but still time for adventures, back to that beach maybe. Then we hit October. All blacks and inky blue skies but the stars never stop twinkling so we like that too. We can buy new winter coats and wrap up in them whilst walking through a duvet of crinkly freshly fallen leaves that are just waiting to be jumped in. And there we go, we're back to November again. All sparkling fireworks and wind blown hair. What a year we've had. What a year!

Let's make it a good one, shall we :)

Angela x

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