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Birthdays and friends...March 2012

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

This is a bit late to be blogging but I forgot to do it, and I was wrapping Christmas presents earlier so that's my excuse. December 6. Three months til my birthday. I want to celebrate that birthday in style. Not a full on mega party or that but a gathering of some of my favourite people. I've still to work out the exact details and the exact date yet, hey I may even have two dates for you, but I'll let you know. Not all of you obviously but my favourites of course. I haven't really celebrated big birthdays before. I think I've blogged about this somewhere else. I've never had a 18th, 21st nor a 30th so next year I want a gathering, a small do if you like.

I'm feeling like this because now I feel that there are people in my life I want to share these special occasions with. Every year we normally just celebrate as a family, gathering at the house. There's chat and cake (not for me, I'm not a birthday cake fan. Jam, yuck). But now I want you all to share my day with me. Perhaps two days.

So it'll either be March 2-3 or March 9-10. My actual birthday is somewhere in between those days but those are the weekends I'm deciding upon. Keep them in your diaries, or at least the back of your minds. I'll let you know the details and the secret codes (!) once I figure them out. I'm thinking nice food, good chat and some dancing. You gotta dance!!

Angela xx


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