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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Here I am sitting in the couch typing away on the replacement ipad2. It arrived yesterday at work. All very quick since I only called about the scratched one on Wednesday night. Nice. Pleased with this one but still a little disappointed that the screen isn't as clear as the iPhone. Oh well, can't have it all. Today I'm going to try to blitz the Christmas shopping. Off to Glasgoe in a bit and I'll probably buy some stuff for myself from mum and dad. The routine is the same each year. No real surprises. She practically has an internal list of stuff she gets me. Like perfume for instance, even though I said no don't buy me Eternity, I just bought myself a new bottle a month ago and it'll last me a while. But no she bought it. I know this cos she told me. Like I said, no surprises. I'm not that keen on surprises to be honest but I'd just like to be a ke to get a present that they've thought about what interests me without me actually having to give directions to the shop!! Anyway I sound ungrateful, I'm not. I appreciate everything, hence the reason I buy myself all the big items, iPhone, iPad...I'd never ask my parents to buy me something that expensive. Pensioners now you know. This is really a nothing post. A post because I have a few things to say and don't know how to say them. What I have to say isn't what's written in this post. I'll probably write it later and then leave it sitting in the drafts for til god knows when. Maybe it'll be published maybe it won't. Sometimes it's just in the writing isn't it... But i'll leave you with this thought. When you come into someone's life, you consume them, they consume you, that means something right? Then you leave, drop them like a hot tattie, imagine that....for a second...dropped, just like that. You've drawn them in, they're in, then you go... How do you like them apples? Angela x .

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