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Friday, 30 December 2011

So I opened up twitter this morning and there was the usual mix of morning/breakfast/exercise/travel/weather tweets. If you can navigate your way through this river of greige, you can always find a few gems hidden. Like, there was also the much tweeted link to the little ditty played by Zoe Dechanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I decided to watch it and it was sweet and nice. I've followed both people here, well over on Twitter, for a while. They're quite good value.

In addition there was a post over here by @Whatleydude. Have a read. I decided that I'd try the five things list on this blog, after all, yesterday in my Mission 2012 post I did say that I'd like to get this blog going again, make it huge, and we all know I like a list! So here it is... Except it's not quite five things, it's from the past year so it'll be a little longer than five. Next week will be the five things list. Ok enough. Let's go...

  •  Multicolour trousers - mostly from Topshop. Awesome. 
  • Ryan starting school and getting on fine, what a relief. 
  • Meeting Miss Laura Woods. An amazing person and friend. Also on that same trip south in February I met lots of Twitter people who really we're lovely. It can happen. 
  • Getting fitter and losing weight. 
  • Hello size 8 little black dress. Okay dresses. Plural. I bought two! 
  • Three beaches in one day with Surfpunkian. Awesome awesome day. Thanks dude. 
  • Finally meeting MisAKis. Fun, bubbly and lots of great stories about social media 'darlings'. Haha laughed so much. 
  • My first Illegal Jack's. I'll be back. I did. A few times. 
  • Loving painting my nails. With glitter! Me! Glitter! WOWSERS how times have changed. 
  • Cycling 55 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Fantastic feeling. 
  • Giving blood for the first time. 
  • Becoming unofficial aunty to baby Kai. Gorgeous. 
  • Weekend cinema trips. A sanctuary. The cineworld card has been a godsend for me. 
  • Favourite movies: Drive. Sherlock Holmes. 50/50. The Hangover part II (obviously). 
  • Elemis skin nourishing body cream. Smells gorgeous and keeps my skin soft and err nourished. 
  • Twitter. My love affair with it will never end. Not for the foreseeable future anyways. 
  • Baking cupcakes. Several good attempts. 
  • Seeing brilliant Twitter friend @pyllon finish one of his races. I was going to say "for the first time" but what I'd mean is I saw him race for the first time. He's raced loads. And done very well, thank you very much. These are no ordinary races, oh no, they're across tracked up and down hills and are usually never any less than about 50 miles!! No mean feat. 
  • Meeting Miss Karlie MacGregor. A wonderful person. Damn straight. 
  • My love of spin bike class. I can't miss any now. Except I am right at this minute missing one, but you get what I mean. 
  • Seeing Mr Neil Fox (@drgonzolives) perform at the Edinburgh Festival with his fab Great Brain Robbery comedy mates. What a laugh! 
  • Finding fabulous blogs to read, like Whatleydude's. I've nearly finished reading all the away back James!
  • New Red Converse. Only my second pair in two years. I think I deserve another and I think I found them today! 
  • Buying my iPad 2. Finally. Although it may be going on sale soon. I love it but... The screen thing still irks me a little. 
  • The joy I had doing my walk with Instagram back in October. Me, my iPhone and Instagram. Walking around Edinburgh. Good day. 
  • Taking the boys and my sister to the National Museum in Edinburgh. They had a ball. 
  • Seeing Kings of Leon at Murrayfield in June. Sounded just like the cd. Great gig. 
  • The Killing (Danish version). I love that programme! 
  • My trip to London in April. Three days exploring that fab city. The weather was brilliant too. I'll be back.
  • My trip to Philadelphia in August. Ok ok it wasn't the real Philadelphia but Glasgow. The film set for a new Brad Pitt movie. Hope it's good when it comes out. 

So that's a few of my most memorable good things from the past year. Next week it'll be just five things from the week. It'll hopefully be a regular post. If not, shout at me!

Angela x

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