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5 things on a Friday #4

Friday, 27 January 2012

Another Friday. Another Friday five. It's been a helluva week but there were a few things that I liked about it.


  1. On Wednesday I doubled up on my spin classes. The 5.45 velocity class and the 7pm RPM class. I thought I was going to be knackered but it was good. My legs felt a bit heavy afterward and ISS tucked up in bed by 10pm, although not sleeping then. A good night and it's going to become part of my routine from now on.
  2. OBEM or One Born Every Minute. In case you don't know it's the programme on channel 4 about a labour ward. You get all sorts on the programme (normally two births per episode). It's a bit gory at parts and it really it's me off child birth but on Wednesday night there was the sweetest couple ever on it. The lady was called Trish. Trish had been knocked down by a car when she was 13 and the result was she ended up with some brain damage. It meant her speech is a bit impaired and she's in a wheelchair. But this hasn't stopped her. She met her husband at church choir and they told how it was love at first sight. She even asked him out! Brave girl. Anyway they weren't going to have children but decided they would try. So we have them in the labour ward. Honestly, they were the most loving couple I've ever seen on one of these programmes. Trish was being sweet to the nurses and they were crying, I was crying and people who were watching along and tweeting were crying. We all cried. "Don't cry" Trish told the midwife "I like you". Eventually after labour Trish gave birth to a lovey little girl whom they named Elizabeth. We all cried again I'm sure. Her husband was all the while doing everything for her and you could feel their strong bond through the tv, no joke. I thought to myself if I ever got that bond with a special person then I'd be extremely happy. At the end it showed you them at home. The husband would go back to work after 3 months leave and Trish would be getting some help in two days per week just to help with little Elizabeth. It was a beautiful story and I wish them all the love in the world. I also thought that if I worked for any baby brands out there I'd be sending them some things to help them along their journey. They send these sorts of things to celebs all the time so why not this awesome couple and their new baby girl. If anyone would happen to be reading this with some influence, go check this episode out and spread the love to this family. Brilliant. (I'm actually welling up typing this as they were so lovely).
  3. Coriolanus. I went to see it last Sunday and it is a really awesome movie. A bit gruesome at parts but really brilliant. I loved that Gerard Butler was speaking in his own language too. I even got my head around the shakespearean talk. But the best part was the cameo by Jon Snow the newsreader. He was ace. I'd recommend this film to all. Highly. Ralph Fiennes directed as well but you could tell, there were loads of moody close ups (not that I'm complaining!). Go see if you haven't. 
  4. Clear out. I've been toying to clear out old clothes or clothes that don't fit me any more. I'm getting there, kinda. We all need to clear out our wardrobes every now and again, don't we.
  5. Payday! Today that is. So glad. But I'm going to try to budget better and not buy any clothes this month. Hold me to this people. I need to clear out and not buy more. I don't need them for goodness sakes. I won't. I won't. 

So there you have it. Friday Five #4. Hey go check out Whatleydude's post to see others taking part. Join us!


Angela x



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