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OPI Pink Friday - its all about the nails NOTD

Saturday, 21 January 2012

I just had to talk about my newest nail polish. OPI Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj collection. It's the closest link you'll get to Bubbly chewing gums or strawberry Hubba Bubba. I added 3 coats on Thursday night and loved it straight away. It's a cream polish and you definitely need at least 2 coats. It had pretty smooth application but of course the OPI brush helps (these are my favourite brushes. Nice and wide).

I've tried to capture the exact colour in these iPhone pictures but you can't really can you. The polish looked diffent under different conditions. To get more accurate pictures you can head over to The Polishaholic blog. She has great photos amd descriptions. I've shown them with and without flash so you can sorta get an idea. Believe me, this will be a favourite on my nails in the coming months. For someone like me who has never have been a 'pink' girl this colour is awesome. As its part of a collection I'm not sure it'll be around for very long so grab yourself a bottle if you fancy it.

At the same time I also bought Save Me on the same collection. It's a silver glitter polish. The glitter is in little bars rather than hexes and they are almost holographic. You can see pink, green, blue, orange, yellow in differing light conditions. Fab. 

Angela x



  1. I have blue and silver glitter on my thumb nail at the moment the rest are just plain dark blue - they need to be redone soon though because they are all chipping.

    1. Han - nice combination. I usually only have mine on for four days max, then take off and leave bare.

  2. Applied with the craft of a true master.

  3. @Z - I am a master applied of polish. I saw your nails in that gritty post gym photo earlier on, they could do with a wee tidy up. I'm available for that purpose :)


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