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Sunday, 15 January 2012

I'm still doing the 31 day photo challenge folks. If you want to see my pics, click on my Flickr page as I've been keeping them all there.

Anyway, yesterday's photo was Inside My Bag. I took the picture and thought I've got so much stuff in there and thought I'd share it with you to see if I'm the only person to carry two notebooks and lots of Sharpie marker pens?... No? just me then. OK here's a few pictures and at the end a short (long!) description of the contents of my bag. My work bag is a fuchsia pink The North Face Base Camp Messenger bag - I think it's a medium sized one (large enough for a laptop). I bought about 2 years ago in a sale for around £35. It's tough and keeps everything I (don't) need in place.

In my bag

1 Moleskine 2012 diary
1 WH Smith academic year diary 2011-2012
1 Moleskine notebook
1 Petzl Tikka XP2 head torch
1 pair of iPod earphones
1 set of keys for the office and my desk
1 bottle of antibac gel
1 doodle book
1 Little Book of Confidence
1 silver Sharpie
1 pack of Extra chewing gum
1 iPad2
1 white Elemis make up bag containing:
       2 sticker books of my photos
       1 mini card holder with mini cards inside
       1 each of black, red, blue and green Sharpie fine pens
       1 each of pastel pink, blue, green and lilac Sharpie maker pens
       1 Mac Hue lipstick
       1 Mac Shy Girl lipstick
       1 Nars Lara sheer lip treatment balm
       1 Mac pocket mirror
       1 OPI avoplex oil for cuticles
       1 L'Occitane Shea butter hand cream
1 green purse from Topshop
1 packet of ibuprofen tablets
1 letter
2 payslips
1 bottle of Boots refreshing eye drops
1 charger and cable for iPhone

*you can get a larger picture of what's inside  my bag by clicking on the picture above.

So, over to you now. What's inside your bag?

Angela x


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