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Fishtail braid and curls

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Last weekend i decided i was going to try curling my hair with my new curling wand. It's an Enrapture Totem styler (currently on sale in certain places). I bought mine half price from Next online - good deal.

Anyway, yes i do have very nice naturally curly hair but it's the kind of curls that are really tight at the sides and front and falls into big waves at the back. And although I really do love my curly hair, I wanted to try that uniform big blow dry type of loose curl that sort of just hangs there and you can swoosh around. We all love a bit of swooshing don't we girls.

I washed my hair and let it air dry overnight. Sunday morning I straightened the hair (I have to do this first or it ends up a pure frizz ball). An hour later I set about it with the curling wand. It sort of worked - there are no pics. By the end of the day my own little tight curls started to appear around my hairline, well it was a drizzly day here in central Scotland.

On Monday i curled it some more and this time it was better. There's still no pics though. Duh! It sat well and i think i got the hang of this curling malarky.

On Tuesday I decided to try a fishtail braid what with my hair now becoming a little bit less clean than it had been the previous days. I managed to do it pretty quickly and so glad I tried it. It sat perfectly and managed to get me a few compliments - result!
first time fishtail braid - result!
This time i did manage to take a few snaps. They're a bit grainy due to the front facing iPhone camera less than perfect picture quality. (what a mouthful that was).

I also snapped this cute little curl that my hair managed to find its way to hang in during the day. love it.

Angela x


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