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Nephews, Brothers

Thursday, 15 November 2012

I haven't mentioned those boys in a while. You know them. My nephews, Connor 3 and Ryan 6.

I popped in to see them tonight after work and town. They were all upstairs are Dad is about to start painting their rooms. You see they've been busy with paints and pencils. Mostly over the walls next to their beds. It is a mess. A funny mess though.

Tonight their mum and my dad were cleaning the rooms out in preparation for the decorating. Ryan started helping and Connor was playing with an old toy laptop of Ryan's.

He was sitting at a little desk and pressing the buttons. "Look Angie I done a number". "Look Granda it's a B"... then ...

"Look Ryan I did a 5". Ryan runs over to where he was sitting. Looked at the tiny VTech screen and said "Oh yeah, cool!", patted Connor's back and gave his head a little kiss.

I melted.

My Nephews. The best ever. It's a pleasure to watch them grow and have so much love inside of them for each other.

Signing off: Proud Aunty Angie x


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