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#NOTD Every Month is Oktoberfest by OPI

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Quick NOTD post.

I bought this Every Month is Oktoberfest by OPI about a month ago and decided it was time to give it a go.

Every month is Oktoberfest (flash used)
In the bottle it leans towards a shimmery looking purple rust colour (not my bag), but i'd seen swatches of this and thought it was a good alternative to the wine stains that are out just now for autumn. Look at the photo above. It looks like a lush wine shimmer. That was under lamplight and a flash. Deceiving...

It applied really well. I could've gotten away with one coat but all pics (iPhone pics btw) are 2 coats and no top coat.

close up of the shimmer
On the nail it goes between a dark blue toned purple with dark burgundy shimmers to just plain dark brownish metallic (Don't you just love my descriptions?!). I'm not sure exactly what colour it's meant to be but in plain daylight (no sun) to me it was a dark (leaning towards rusty brown) burgundy colour. When the light shined on it it sparkled a little and the wine tones showed through more.

Overall I don't think i liked it on my nails. I'm sure some people love this colour. However, the formula was great as is usual from OPI. If it hadn't been so rusty looking in daylight then i'd change my mind. I prefer the straight up wine colours out like Essie Skirting the Issue or Bahama Mama, also from Essie.

Angela x

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