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Share a Coke!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

I am loving what Coca Cola are doing with the Share A Coke campaign. I never really noticed it until i went to buy a 500ml bottle of Coke and there were loads of different names on the bottle label. Sadly I don't think I'll ever find my name so I chose the bottle with 'Friends' on it instead. But if someone happens to find an Angela one (full fat Coke) please keep me it! Or perhaps those nice people over at Coca-Cola could make me one?!!

It's a nice idea for drinkers of full fat Coke since the cool fancy campaigns always seem to appear on the Diet Coke bottle - the current one being Marc Jacobs collab. Saying that I do still have a bottle from the Germany World Cup in 2006. I love me a gimmicky bottle of Coke.

I'm not a fan of any diet drinks though. For me I don't see the point. There's artificial sweeteners in it anyway that'll spike your system just as the full fat version and then you'll get the same effects. Plus diet juice tastes weird. Just me?

Anyway, everytime I see these bottles they just make me smile. So I call that a success!

Have you found your name? And more importantly who will you share your Coke with?

Angela x



  1. Futuremrsrobgreen78 has found her name, but not mine yet...

    1. Lucky her! I've not found mine yet. Please keep an eye out for me :)


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