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Sunday, 27 October 2013

This post has been blank for about twenty minutes now. I can't seem to write anything these days. Not anything worth reading. But I want to. I so very badly want to. There are words floating around my head like tiny little sea animals floating in a big wide ocean. However, lately, they just don't seem to make any sort of sense or find their way into readable, interesting, fantastical sentences. And that's a problem when you want to write and blog so very badly. You end up with a post like this. A place filler.

I read a piece last week on the internet (it's where I mostly go to find my reading materials these days). Anyway, I found a short story that someone had tweeted, a piece they'd written and spilled into a Tumblr blog. It's great. It was filled with staccato sentences. The kind of writing I like. It was something. It was nothing. But i felt inspired a little after reading it.

It's by someone I follow on Twitter @Ohjawbone and you can find it here. I liked it a lot. Go over and have a read.

Angela x

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