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The Grenson Rose Brogue

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Let's talk about shoes, and how I love them. And then let's talk about these amazing Grenson Rose brogues. Aren't they just lovely?

I have been craving a decent pair of brogue shoes for years. A couple of years back I bought a black pair from Office and wore them to work pretty much every day. They weren't a patch on these white calf leather lovelies though.

No, for these are by Grenson. They fit me great, although admittedly doing the first wear not the mean streets of New York city was a slightly bad move. There I was. I'd walked all the way from West 38th Street in Midtown, all the way to the Highline. Then right all the way down the Highline from Midtown to the West Village where I eventually stopped for lunch in a fancy restaurant. did you get that? All the way. From there I walked to the 9/11 memorial and on to Wall Street. By the time I got there I knew there was blood. In my feet, that is. Luckily I always have some plasters in my bag and once they were applied my feet were fine. That was my mistake though. I should've broke them in gently. They are proper quality leather after all and so there was bound to be some blister action.

They started off with a smooth leather "Goodyear welted" sole but after all that walking about the soles have worn a little bit. You can always send them back to Grenson to be repaired with a new sole and welting. I'll be doing that if they wear down too much, although I'm not that hard wearing on shoes so hopefully won't be needing that service for a year or so. 

The thing I love about these shoes are that they can be dressed up or down. I wear them with jeans, skirts and smart trousers. The white are just so versatile and summery!

They aren't cheap by any means but shoes are something I've always invested money in.  Ever since i bought my first pair of Adidas Kick trainers for my tenth birthday, shoes have been my thang! Plus I know they'll stand the test of time and the class brogue design is always timeless.



  1. Hi, how did you find the sizing? I'm a US 7 and not sure whether to get the UK 4 or 4.5. Thanks!

    1. Hi, I'm between sizes 3 & 4 in UK sizing. I opted for the size 3 and they fit me fine. Sure I got blisters when I first wore them but after that they are now fine. A UK 3 is size 36, not sure what that is in US sizing. They're a gorgeous shoe though. Hope you get them! :)

  2. Thanks for the speedy response! What size are you normally in US sizing? :)

    1. Again depends in the shoes but I'd say I'm 5.5 US size. That seems to be a UK size 3, EUR size 36. :)


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