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Gait analysis!! Flat feet!!! are you sure??!!!??

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Bought new trainers today after having 'gait analysis' done at Tiso's (Run 4 It). This is when they put you on a treadmill, film your feet and tell you that you need 'special shoes'. It doesn't do your confidence any good whatsoever let me tell you, haha. I didn't realise I had 'cankles'!!!! (calves merging into ankles). Aaaarrgh shock horror! I must stop eating the chocolate.

Anyway hopefully they'll help my knee pain when i run. I didn't stop to get insoles for my walking boots though, couldn't stand the humiliation any longer. :-) No I'm kidding there were actually quite a few people having it done for what amounts to the same problem - calcaneal valgus - or flat feet as it's commonly known. Don't get me wrong i don't plod around the place with big flat feet. I've actually got pretty small, dainty feet, a 3 or 4, but i was told to buy a size 5 in the trainers as 'you're feet swell when you exercise'. So I'll try them indoors on the treadmill to see if they help ease the pain, if not I'll take them back. Got a free pair of socks though so not all bad!

Play safe
A x

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  1. Great post! Changing the demands placed on the body is often the cause of injury. Changing demands can involve simply changing the surface you run on, or changing the shoes that you run in. Large changes to activity can often lead to problematic episodes of injury.

    Here at ProGait we advocate having your gait analysed before you embark upon any of these changes, so that you can get some sound professional advice to reduce the risk of injury.


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