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It's all go.... DAY 1!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Well it's confirmed, i am now going to trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal in March 2009 for charity. So today turned into DAY 1 of training.

It turns out i seem to have underestimated the enormity of my challenge. I soon realised this half way up Dumyat in the Ochil Hills. I can see this hill from the office and am ashamed to say after living here in Stirling all my life that this was my first attempt at this 'summit'. At 1373ft or 418m, it is higher than i have ever been before on foot but still a very long way off my ultimate goal of Base Camp.

It seemed like the perfect day to do it. Half day from work which is very conveniently located at the bottom of the Ochils, setting off with my very experienced colleague Sharon we drove up to the car park (well lay by at the side of the road). The sun was strong but the view was hazy. So there i was with my new Scarpa boots making their maiden journey, oops mind the mud!! I soon realised this was going to be harder than i imagined. Wheezing like an old cart horse we reached the summit in about 55 minutes - not bad for a beginner i thought. The view was pretty good and after a 15 minute lunch break and a phone call to the office to see if they could see us we made our way back down. And that's when it struck me........ my left knee started playing up again and by the time we got back to the car I was wincing with pain everytime I leaned on it. Oh deary me! I hope I can make my trek. I have an appointment with a physio already booked on Monday so I'm hoping it's not too serious.

So it was back to the office and a well earned cup of tea from Linda. They did see us and she took a few photos and reassured me that the tiny wee dot in it was us at the top!! haha sooo funny. Then ...... another pain started to happen. Well maybe not pain but tingling. Yeah you guessed it, we went out hill-walking on what must have been the hottest day of the year so far and never had any sunscreen. Bad, very bad. I am now sitting here with pink arms, neck and forehead. It's ok though as i stopped off on the way home for some after sun and Compeed blister plasters.

All in all I'm pleased with DAY 1 of training! I hope to keep it up and aim to reach my goal in Nepal next March. Wish me luck!!
Yours, a pink and very tired, Angela

PS got more kit today - i have a new found love of kit buying, especially when they are a bargain. Goretex paclite waterproofs for £75, not too shabby at all!!!!!! x

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