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Training - week 3

Friday, 23 May 2008

well week 3 of training and completed two walks this week. One a lunch time circuit at work with Sharon, the other an 8 mile walk tonight after work with Susan. No hills just a straight walk. I can tell you I'm feeling it in my lower calves so plenty of stretching is going on just now. It was a good walk though, plenty of talking after the week I've had at work.

Anyway, I'm eagerly checking the Marie Curie Everest Challenge website for news of a summit of Everest. As of 5.23pm this evening Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Kenton Cool, Rob Casserley and a team are making their way to the summit. What an achievement! Awesome. Hope you succeed guys!
Not sure if all of the Jagged Globe crew managed it earlier today but it's still a great achievement that few can say they have taken part in, attempted or even achieved.

As ever people, stay safe
Ange x

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