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A good week.... and only 6 weeks to go

Friday, 20 February 2009

What a good week it has been this week and here's a few reasons why.

Well it seems that there are at least one or two people out there who do actually read this blog so I am continuing to spill everything in this manner until my adventure is over!... and maybe beyond that adventure and onto the next (might need a name change though). One reason I know it's read is that I got a very nice email from someone offering me my first free piece of kit for my trek. Yippee!! It was from Paul at Terrevista Trails a company based in Edinburgh, offering me a Jag Bag silk sleeping bag liner - free of charge. Now in the current economic climate this is a very unusual offer but of course I jumped at the chance. I'm eagerly awaiting delivery and can't wait to try it out. Very generous and a huuuge thanks! Links to their website and blog can be found in the 'Blogs I like!' and 'Websites and Fab Links' sections on this page.

Wednesday saw the fifth in the series of fundraising cake sales at work - back by popular demand!! There were only home-baked cakes by myself, Linda and Brigitte (oh and scones from my Dad) so the funds weren't expected to be that good, but we still made £65.50. Everyone (especially Linda and Brigitte) has been so generous and kind in terms of baking and buying cakes. Thanks guys!

Wednesday evening was a long walk out through Bridge of Allan and back to the car. It was dusk when I set off after work but the road was quite busy with traffic so I wasn't that scared walking on my own. It was a good wee walk and gave me some time to try to think about what is next on the To Do List and a chance to get the wind in my face again.

Had my appointment with the Orthotics doctor at the hospital on Thursday morning. He is going to make me special insoles for my shoes/boots. But for a minute there I thought I was getting special shoes! ha ha. As I sat in the chair taking my shoes off so he could see my feet i looked around and the fear went right through me. There was a poster on the wall with (what I can only describe as) Old Wifey shoes with model names such as Maggie, Isa, Betty, Rita..... Aaargh!! Please don't say I'll need these Scholl type old wifey shoes?!?! But no, I'm getting orthotic insoles for my boots but I'll need to go back and get them moulded and fitted. Knowing the NHS this won't be any time soon and certainly won't be before my trek so fingers crossed everyone that my knees will be fine.

Talking of dodgy knees... After much deliberation and to-ing and fro-ing I've ordered a pair of Leki Carbonlite Antishock trekking poles. I debated with the idea of Black Diamond ones but hadn't really seen or held these ones before and didn't know anyone that used them so stuck with the Leki ones. Got a bargain on them too which helped. Hope they are ok - anyone used them??

Thursday evening was spent at the OMC (rugby club) and it was another talk. This time it was Niall McNair. The intro on his blog reads '27 year old into most aspects of rock climbing, but especially trad and sport onsighting. Been climbing for 12 years now and still learning...' Again as with all of these talks it was very inspiring as well as being rather funny. Shame about the mishaps with the laptops and speakers but everyone seen the funny side, including Niall, which was good. Oh I nearly forgot, his funny home-movie version of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (I can't remember what his version was called) with two friends was hilarious... got to see it! The accents and acting was a bit ropey in places but hilarious.

I'll end with news that it's now just under 6 weeks until departure, I have over £3500 in the fundraising pot and all is ... well, rather good really.

Next week I'm off to see Snow Patrol at SECC and the week after it's all go again! I shall report in due course.

Take care and play safe
Ange xx

PS I just love Kings of Leon...

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