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OMC membership here I come!

Friday, 6 February 2009

It's nearly official ssshhh, as of March i will hopefully become a fully paid up member of the OMC (Ochils Mountaineering Club)!! This is great news as it'll get me out and about and ready for some much needed walking. Went along to the Thursday night talk and was nominated to become a member. Chuffed.

Last night's talk was by Olly Metherell about Super 7. Super 7 is an attempt to make a first ascent on every one of the seven continents. Pretty amazing and really quite inspiring. But, like I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm no less convinced that these people aren't a little bit mental - in a good way mind. No but seriously it is quite refreshing to see the passion, dedication and commitment these guys have for what they do. I just sit there amazed at what I'm hearing and sit in awe at some of the fantastic pictures. I'm not going to pretend though, I'm a complete novice and know nothing about climbing/ice climbing so I still don't have a clue what the difference is between an E9,V8, M11 - can someone please explain?

Anyway another good night at the OMC. Nice bunch of people, think I'm going to like being a member!

Take care
Ange xx

And keeping up my new post tradition i heard a song on the radio this morning i'd never heard for ages and remembered how much i loved it. It just so happens that it is quite appropriate to my current feelings today, here's some lyrics:

Games, changes and fears.
When will they go from here, When will they stop.
I believe that fate has brought us here.
And we should be together.. But we're not.
I Try - Macy Gray

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