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Target, smarget. All I know is I've reached it!!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

It is with great delight and a big chunk of selft satisfaction that I announce that I have now met and indeed exceded, my fundraising target of £3250. As of 2 minutes ago my total now stands at a whopping £3439.85!!!! This is fantastic news and there's still more money due in from various sources including the 'fifth' in the series of tasty cake sales at work on Wednesday.

The target was reached on Friday night when my Auntie Mig (short for Margaret) had another prize bingo night and all her generous friends came along to enjoy the night. I even partook in a wee game of bingo myself and it must have been beginners luck cos i won a very luxurious towel bale and perfume. Excellent. Was starting to get bored by the end though as bingo ain't really my thing but the evening was a great success and raised £279. Thanks to all the ladies of Dunblane.

Now that the funds are well and truly taken care of, I admit to being a bit stressed out about my ever expanding To Do List before I go.... It's turning into a really busy few weeks starting with a trip to the dentist tomorrow evening! Then there's the hospital Orthotics clinci on Thursday for my biomechanical assessment - sounds fancy but what it means is that they will confirm (again!!) that i have flat feet and that i need orthotic insoles specially made that will hopefully help my knee pain. It's the doctors next Tuesday morning for the first of my jabs - ouch! A trip to Kinlochleven with the OMC next weekend. Not to mention a wee jaunt to Glasgow next Tuesday night to see Snow Patrol - have a spare ticket if anyone fancies it??

In between all of that I still need to find time to buy a few major bits of kit - 1 x return plane ticket to Heathrow for 2nd April!!, 2 x trekking poles (Leki or Black Diamond??), 1 x sleeping bag liner (silk or cotton??), a few more pairs of socks, spare boot laces, base layer bottoms, a trekking towel (do they work?), a Buff (but i want a nice one!), thin pair of gloves (lost my own pair in the gym!), toiletries, earplugs, suncream (no, not for sunbathing ha ha), wet wipes (lots of them), antibac hand gel (priceless) and some Halls Soothers - in case I get a cough! Phew... Where will I find the time?

So... there you have it. The target has been reached and (almost) final preparations are under way. I think I'm starting to panic! Need some words of calmness bestowed upon me so if you see me around send happy and calming thoughts my way - cheers! ha ha.

have a fantastic week,
Ange xx

On the music front I'm still loving One Day Like This by Elbow.

Countdown - 45 days!!

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