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Monday, 2 February 2009

The first real snow of the year hit the central belt today/last night. But gone are the days when we'd be snowed in and got the day off school. The roads weren't that bad once i got out of the village but i was going slow to be on the safe side. I like snow but when it turns to slush and makes the roads treacherous when it turns to ice then that's not so good.

I was thinking today that I haven't been on a sledge or played in the snow for years. Then I remembered a time when i was younger and there was me, my big sister Karen and our two best friends Teri and Alec (who were brother and sister). The four of us were inseparable when we were younger. Anyway we were out Teri and Alec's back garden and were playing in the snow and we built the biggest, longest and bestest snow caterpillar you'd ever seen!! Yes a caterpillar and NOT a snowman. We were different you see. There is picture evidence of this somewhere but I'd need to dig deep in our photo box to find it. Those were the days when you played for hours in the snow until mum called you in for dinner. It didn't matter that your nose was bright red or your feet were soaking because your shiny yellow wellies from Woolies weren't really fit for purpose. Brilliant. We'd be dancing about, singing, rolling huge snowballs and having a great time. What a laugh!

Then in the summer we'd be playing tennis in the street when Wimbledon was on. The cracks in the road from the heat of the summer sun would be our court lines. I was pretty good at it and could smack the ball pretty cleanly. Then we'd play swan lake with our roller skates on, pretending to be in the opera! Another game was kick-sh*te. It was our version of 'Shindig', that old fashioned Scottish country dancing programme that used to be on STV back in the day. Anyone remember it? This was also done on roller skates too.

Anyway, then you grow up and don't play swan lake or kick-sh*te nor do you play in the snow as much or let your imagination run wild. Aaaah them were the days.......

So yeah, it snowed today and brought back some brilliant memories from my childhood that I'll cherish for a life time. I thought I'd share some with you, hope you enjoyed.

I have no quotes or song lyrics in the tradition of previous posts but the ever changing songs of the week are:
One Day Like This - Elbow (simply beautiful), The Fear - Lily Allen, Halo - Beyonce & Life in Technicolour II - Coldplay (of course!).

Ange xx

PS 60 days to go..................

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