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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Having recently installed some cyberspace spies on this blog (or maybe its cos I’m not actually a secretary and I do in fact work for the Secret Government!), I now know that at least 10 folk pop by every now and again to take a wee look at this blog. Hiya to all of you readers / listeners (what should I refer to you as?). It’s funny though as you don’t leave any comments.

Why not settle in, have a read through some postings, and leave me a comment or two? go on, go on. I’m keen to know what people think of this place I call my blog.

Ange xx

PS I don’t work for the Secret Government and there are no spies (well not in this blog), it's a sitemeter counter (see, I can't lie!) :o)

PPS musical update:
A Rush of Blood to the Head album from Coldplay
A Greatest Hits album from The Beatles
Only By The Night album from Kings of Leon
Sunny Side Up album from Paolo Nutini
Bulletproof song by La Roux
Various songs from the man they call Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters


  1. I suppose I must be one of those ten...or am I number 11?

    Anyway, Hello to you to ;o)

  2. Aye, you are one of the 10 or so... Hello! :o)

    not working today? or out in the hills?

  3. Back shift I'm afraid ;o(

    was in town today buying more shiny kit for indoor climbing...some of it's orange ;o)

    Going slighty stir crazy not getting out to play but the hills will still be there when work cools off a bit.

    You heading to Glen Coe for the OM meet next month?


    not sure if that link will work, I'm skiving at work on my iPhone you see ;o)

    there's some nice peeps going, I met a few people about 2 years ago at an Outdoorsmagic meet some of whom I'd consider good friends now. That's where I met PTC, Elaina, Steve and others. There's no rule or pressures, it's al pretty informal and social. People generally turn up in the pub on the fri for a wee drink and then plans are made for walks etc. You can either go on your own walks or generally tag along with others. I was supposed to be wildcamping one of the nights but I'm not sure now as I'll have louise with me I think.

  5. Don't think link worked.

    Outdoors magic forum, meets and partners, glencoe meet it should be near the top of the page

  6. Ah I see. Found the site. I saw the discussion, took me about an hour to read it all! :o)

    would it be ok for me to tag along though? We'll see...
    Enjoy work!

  7. Of course it would be fine for you to tag along, that's the whole point of these things. Its for people to meet folk with a common interest. I wouldnae worry about not keeping up etc either, i'll not be doing anything too strenuous with Louise in tow...although I am maybe going to drag her up her first Munro hopefully ;o)


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