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The Wean Inside Needs To Get Oot!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sometimes the wean inside you just needs to get out and none more so than today. Today, when i finally bought that pack of Black Jack chews that have been sitting tantalisingly on a shelf of 'old skool' sweeties from mine's and probably your childhoods over at the shop in work. The result is a flashback to much simpler times through the aniseed infused taste, the jaw ache from chewing and who can forget that most funnest part of all... the black stained tongue. Oh aye!!..

Ok at this point I was going to show you a photie of the aforementioned black tongue but it just looks wrong(!) so here instead is a photie of the new jazzed up version of a packet (by the way i'm sure i used to buy mine's loose? like in a 10 pence mixture poke. Oh how our ice cream van man hates it when kids ask for a mixture, ha ha!)...

Among other sweeties on offer on the shelf of childhood memories are Wham bars, Fruit Salads, Sherbert Fountains (in a new plastic tube instead of the old paper tube!), Big Giant Flumps and Mojo's which by the way aren't what I used to remember as Mojo's. I remember them being the wee chews that came in Strawberry, Banana and Mint flavour. These 'new' Mojo's are packets with gums in them! And I'm no having that!...

So as I slurp, gurgle and make strange noises whilst drinking the last dregs of my can of Cola through a straw, I hope you've enjoyed this wee trip down memory lane.

Now.. what other sweeties can you remember from childhood??... I remember that every summer when we used to go to my Pappy's house in Law (near Carluke) for a week or two's holiday we used to stop at the chippie in the Main Street in Newmains and get a Texan Bar and a packet of Tudor Gammon flavoured crisps - it was great!

Ange xx


  1. i love blackjacks and fruitsalads along with bon bons but i think my faves were sports mixture before they got rid of the licorice ones and replaced them with black currant ones.

  2. Wham bars and Bubbly chewing gums that were bright pink and round. Also wee round coloured, metallic cups filled with a nice chocolate - not sure their name - Chocolate Cups?
    When Milky Ways were in a blue pack?

    i've just thought of another thing - only slightly food related... can you remember when Coca Cola brought out these yo-yo's you got from Woolies? Everyone at my school had one and so i got one later on and yes i still have it!
    Ah the memories... what are we without those eh :o)

  3. Oh, I mind those yo yo's I had a sprite one and and a fanta one too!

    Do remember the wee small coke football for the world cup as well?

  4. Aye I had one of them too.

    What about Jolly Rancher's? which i think are some sort of american boiled sweetie that caught on for about 2 years & have disappeared. Pickled Onion Space Raiders - but you can still get them just now so that doesnt count :o)

  5. Pickled onion meanies that was only 5p and Chelsea Whoppers xx

  6. Jolly Ranchers eh? Aye the watermelon one was boggin' but the rest were ok..ish

    You canne beat 'two bobber's' AKA ten pence crisps! A couple of packs of 'Johnny's Onion rings' are still in my post walk esentials!

  7. ohh i remember all those!

    i some how managed to spend nearly £3 on pic n mix at the weekend after reminissing about sweeties!

    i also found my sprite yo yo when i was cleaning my room out at my parents (only nearly 2 years after moing out lol)

    ill try and snap a pic sometime.


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