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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Right, I feel like I need a good moan.  But I don't want you readers to think that that is my constant state of mind or that I'm being a miserable sod.  So this is a warning post.  At some point I am going to have a moan because otherwise I really do think I'm going to crack.  Not sure when it will be, not sure how moany it will be, but it's something that just HAS to happen. 

I will compose myself beforehand though.  It won't be ranty.  For ranty is not what is required.  All that is required is a moan and for someone to listen and for someone to understand and for someone to say it's ok, here's what you can do and for someone to moan alongside me. 

Generally I'm a happy sort but i won't pretend I'm happy all the time when I'm not.  For I hate fakers.  People are not happy all the time are they, I mean are they really?  Anyway generally i'm happy but on the odd day something just comes over me and I can't quite explain it but thoughts race through my mind and blah blah blah.....  cos incase you hadn't noticed either I keep a lot of things hidden.  In the deep dark hallway of my ever racing mind.  But one day it's all going to come out and I'm not sure if that'll fall on the good or bad side of the fence.

Ocht anyway maybe I'm just like this because it's my birthday soon.  I always get like this around my birthday because it's another milestone.  Another year gone...

But this is not my proper moany post so I'll stop right now.

take care out there kids

Ange x

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