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Monday, 8 February 2010

So I was driving home tonight after my first spin bike class of the week.  It wasn't quite dark - the days ARE getting longer people!  And there I was feeling very lucky because I do have one of the best commutes to work in terms of time, distance and best of all, the views.  

The back road into my village sits quite high above the Carse and I can see all the way to the Oil refinery at Grangemouth and Knockhill Racing Circuit to the East and then all the way up to Ben Vorlich and Stuc a Chroin at Lochearnhead and all the way down and over to Ben Lomond in the West.  On a crisp clear day it's awesome.  At night you see the twinkly streets lights of the Forth Valley and Clackmannanshire.  But tonight...

It was there looming in the inky blue semi-darkness.  It's scales and rough skin was marked by the white slithers the ran down it's humped back.  It was still.  And tonight it was not for moving.  Occasionally I could see it open it's beady eye take a look around and decide that it was not for moving.  I breathed a sigh of relief and continued along the road to home.  Coming over the brow of the hill to stop at my driveway I seen it peaking over the houses at the front of mine.  One day I thought to myself... One Day...

One day I might be brave enough to march up to the beast, look into it's beady black eye and carry on walking up until i reach the top of it's humped back ridge.  Perhaps I'll wait until it's shed it's winter coat, which could even have been right up until mid May but these days more like mid March (depending on the weather of course).  This beast likes to hold onto those last slivers of whiteness with all it's strength and might....  the Tyranusochilsrex.  

I didn't dare stop to take a picture of the inky blue beast tonight but below is one where it almost has his full winter coat one...
Ange x       

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  1. Awesome photo. Just remember to respect the beast when you attempt it. Cheers.


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