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Thursday, 18 February 2010

What a week!  It started off not too bad then deteriorated A LOT!  Until today when I was having a bad day.  I dunno why, I just was.  It was one of those days that you get when things are just getting to you.  Even down to the least wee thing.  I was totally dreading spin bike class but once I was there, it was excellent and really boosted my mood.  I'm now feeling refreshed and can't wait for the weekend to come along.

AND, to top it off Mr Mark Beaumont has finally finished his epic journey from Alaska to Argentina!  Well done him.

I've been somewhat lazy when it comes to exercising recently.  Only going to the two spin bike classes per week and have not been to the gym for months.  I was going to go back in January but then I was scared incase folk thought oh here she comes another one of the fairweather pretend to get fit folk and then i was going to go this week but the students are back at University so it will be mobbed.  I'll try it this weekend.  Spin bikes though is great!  I moved it up from one to two classes per week in December and it's been worth it.  Thursday night classes are run by Jamie and Andy and they are tough, so tough.  But the banter is good and they really motivate you to push yourself that wee bit further and i did just that last week and tonight.  Result!  

Yes this week started off rubbish and i was seriously dissappointed again by a few.  But there are others who can perk you up and when I look at this picture I just can't help but swell with pride as it melts my heart.

This is Ryan pre-haircut.  You see he won't let anybody cut his hair.  Until yesterday when he went to get his hair cut.  No fuss.  He's a great wee cheery guy with a razor sharp sense of humour and a great personality.  He's also got a vivid imagination with it being played out on our stairs with him and my Da just now.  They sit there for an hour and play Fireman Sam.  He gets an old belt of my Da's and ties it around his waist (the hose), he climbs his ladder (the stairs) and puts the fire out.  Then they go to Bella's cafe (the bottom stair) and have hot mexican chicken and chips and a cup of tea (a Wee Bru!) 'my mouths burning Angie' he says.  It's funny to hear them play this game.  I will never tire of hearing his enthusiasm and wit.  But one thing that has to happen is this, i have to call him Fireman Sam when he's on this mode, not Ryan.  Brilliant.

As you can see from the photo Connor is turning into a wee bruiser.  He'll be bigger than Ryan I think.  He's a great baby too who never seems to cry except when something is wrong.  He's very placid and sleeps great.  His own little personality is starting to come out too (which I think can also be seen in that photie).  I can't wait til he's able to walk and run about too, which if he's anything like his big brother it won't be long, Ryan was walking at 9 months!  Right, I'll stop gushing about my two nephews.  And i'll just say this...  This week has been up down and round about but I think everything's gonna turn out right in the end.  Thanks to all who have contributed to this weird week.

Ange xx 

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