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Thursday Three - Favourite Blogs

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Waaaaahh! Why did I have to suggest this topic? I have more than three favourite blogs that i read regularly. So I'll recap on blogs that i've already mentioned here before but add in three of my favourite new blogs that have been recent discoveries of mine.That okay? Good!


PTC's outdoor blog has long been one of my first stops of a morning. All things outdoors; gear, wonderful pictures, great words and best of all, by my friend. Lately I've been feeling guilty though as I've not been into the great outdoors for months. But spring is nearly here. We'll get out on the bikes soon.

Pacing The Panic Room. Another favourite of mine. Written by Ryan and featuring his fantastical photos and great stories of family life and being a photographer. Awesome. I urge you to click on over once, if only to see the gorgeous little Tessa Tangerine.

Three new discoveries

Rock n Roll Bride
Wowsers!! I just love this blog. Written by the lovely pink-haired lady called Kat. You might guess it's about weddings. Rock n Roll weddings. Lovely quirky weddings. The kinds of weddings i'd like if I were to be married. Dresses, cakes, competitions, handmade goodies and best of all great photos of cool couples. A must-see for the girlies.

The Daybook
Just discovered this blog the other day via a link on Pinterest and already I'm in love with it. Written by Sidney who looks to be one very cool young lady. Her fashion style is fantastic. I wish I could have her style. Who knows I may pick up a few tip along the way. This may be one for the girlies too. Sorry guys! Oh, but her husband does post on it every now and again i gather so maybe you too can pick up some tips. I don't know why i like it because I've never been that into fashion or personal style, maybe its her big friendly smile that draws you in. Whatever it is I like it.

Oh goodness me i can't decide between these two so i'm adding them both in. I've followed them on Twitter for a little while now too and i just love these ladies' blogs.

Life as an Artistpreneur
And Kathleen

Mostly I look at the pictures but i love to read how other people spend their days whilst working for themselves. I like that these are two women who are fairly successful and yet not showy or anything like that. They seem very lovely.

I've just realised that the new blogs i've chosen are blogs written by women. Sassy classy and successful women. Is this my subconscious kicking in and looking for tips? Hope so!
I hope you all take a little trip over and check out these blogs. My descriptions are very sparse but you'll get a better idea if you click on over and visit them. Go now!

Angela x


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