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Thursday Three

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Three of your best traits. I don't know why I chose this as a topic. I find it so difficult o pat myself on the back and say good things about me. I know they are in me but the actual saying of it is not something that comes very natural to me. So I turned to Twitter for help - again. I came up with number 1 myself. The rest were suggestions...

Loyalty. If you're lucky enough to have me as your friend then I will be loyal to you forever. Sometimes this loyalty goes unnoticed and is undeserved to a few people. It can mean that I can get very upset if you do something to hurt me but more often than not, I'll still be loyal. I will stick by you through thick and thin.

Sensitivity/shyness. I would've said this was a bad trait because I am sensitive and get hurt quite often. But at the same time it makes me aware of other peoples feelings and making sure they are ok. I once saw shy people being described as selfish. Obviously it was by some social butterfly who thinks nothing of going in a room and commanding its attention and who does not clam up and have sweaty hands at the thought of venturing outside their comfort zone. Sorry I'd rather hang on the outer fringes than be then centre of attention. That way I can observe the situation.

Passionate. I may not always show this side of me. Perhaps I unwittingly do after all someone else suggested this one. But I am passionate. About a number of different things. I show it in a funny way thought. I tend to rant on about it. For example at work, when i see processes not being done effectively or efficiently I usually have a rant about to to poor Linda and i realise its because i care and am passionate about my work and doing the best for the students who to me are the bread and butter of the University and why we are there. In case you hadn't noticed too I am passionate about Twitter. For no other reason than it has brought really special people into my life. People I chat to behind the scenes, people who I share the Thursday Three blogging with and other people who I have become quite attached too simply by conversing with via Twitter.

Jees this was a tough topic.
Angela xx


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