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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Today's topic is Top Three iPhone/iPad Apps. Not having an iPad myself (well not one that I'm allowed to tell you about!...) mine will be about iPhone Apps. For the sake of variety I'll leave Twitter off this list.

I love this little camera app and use it almost daily. You can follow folk and hav followers much in the same was as Twitter. It allows you to link to Twitter and Facebook so that your photos can be posted there too (of course you can opt out of that just before you post). You can take a photo or upload one from your camerarool and new filters seem to be getting added frequently. Quite often I'll share my Instagram photos on Twitter or Facebook but sometimes i don't and keep little hidden gems purely on there for the people that follow me to see. I love getting an insight into peoples lives through there photos. Some are really arty taken and some are nothing more than a snapshot but all mean something to the person who posted them. My favourite filters used to be X-Pro II and Lomo-Fi but there are lots more now and it depends on the photo. You can add locations to your picture and descriptions and you can comment on them and 'Like' them. The Instagram icon on the second page of my iPhone is one of the first places I head when I pick it up.  The download is free, if you haven't got it do it now.

Bejewelled 2
I play this game every day at some point. I've been on an 'endless' game on it since i downloaded it in Oct 2009 which sees me on something like 29million point and on level 197! On the other hand, in the 'action' game I can't seem to get past level 9. The further up the levels you get, the faster the game seems to run. Sometimes I'm just way too slow and it's giving me the old 'Time Up' sign before I know it. Any enjoyable game, give it a go!

Chambers Thesaurus and Concise English Dictionary
These might seem like strange choices but not mbeing that great with words and stuff, these area a godsend to me. If someone tweets something with a word I'm not quite sure of i can click on it and see what they're talking about. Similarly if i want to say something and don't quite have the confidence to say i'll have a little check of the dictionary just to make sure it's the right thing that I want to say. For example, I wanted to tweet something and include the word 'surreptitiously'. I had a inkling about what it meant but wasn't quite 100% confident to hit the send button before having a quick check. Of course I was right but these apps are my safety blanket, just to make sure.

Angela xx


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