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You Don't Ask, You Don't Get

Sunday, 20 February 2011

I'm not one for asking for help from people. I've just never been easy with that initial conversation with someone. "can you help me?". I think it's because I think they will be too busy or just won't want to help me. I've always been like this. It's also partly that I have this weird thing (is it a Scottish thing?) that asking for help is like a sign of defeat. Stupid stupid I know. I'm also not great at shouting about my achievements (that might be another blog post soon). So I had an idea that I would list a few things that i'd quite like your help with blogosphere friends! Is that okay?

I saw a post a few months ago by other bloggers along the same lines. I wonder if they had success? I'm not just asking for your help, I'm going to list things that I'm pretty good at and might be able to help you out with, an exchange of helpfulness, maybe.

This here blog
I'd like someone to help me make it better. A re-design perhaps? Just a few ideas i have about how I want it to look and i'd like to learn how to make it better. I discovered there were other new fonts in the Design template area so I don't know if you've noticed but the blog title and some other titles have changed. You never noticed? shame on you. So if you want to help me out a little please do let me know.

Along the same lines as above. I have ideas that I'd like to talk over with someone who might give me good advice. I'd like to get my own domain and figure out how that all works and then put my ideas into practice on the world wide web.

Cinema Buddies
I usually fly solo at the cinema, which is fine, but every now and again a cinema buddy would be good. Let me know if you'd be up for that. A bite to eat beforehand then flopping out watching a good (or bad) movie. Aces.

A Brother - biologically impossible I know
I've always wanted a brother. I only have one sister you see. But I always wanted a brother. I've no idea why, maybe its because I think he could save me but now i'd just like to get a boy (brother's) opinion and guidance in life. There are rules to this brotherhood though. You must provide 1 birthday and 1 Christmas card per year and at least a couple of emails. In return you will have me! I'm a great sister. I'll give you a run to the pub, i'll watch football with you, heck I'll even come to the pictures with you. I'll give you girl advice (although you may not need it!). I'll be a listening ear, a personal shopper and I'll send you the bestest birthday cards ever!

Photos of me
I'd love someone to take good photos of me. Nothing fancy. You can use my camera but i'd quite like good pictures. That is all.

Does anyone by any chance have a spare copy of Photoshop I could use? Or the use of their 'puter with it on. This is a very long shot, I know. I'd like to zhoosh up some of my photos, that is all. OR is there some sort of free Photoshop type programme I can download. Do you know this? tell me.


In return I can offer you a myriad of skills and knowledge, but here are a few.... A friendly ear to listen. I'll listen to anything. Listening is a good skill of mine. Pour your heart out, talk to me about you, how's your work going, anything, I'll listen. Organisation - need something organised then i'm here to help out. My speciality is attention to the tiniest of details. Cute and quirky sewing is a favourite pass time of mine. Need a sampler cross-stitched for a new baby or a wedding gift, or a Twitter name badge! gimme a shout. I've a vast dvd collection, i'll loan you some (lame, ha!). I'm open to negotiation too (up to a point).

If you can help me out at all i'd really really appreciate it. And i'd be eternally grateful.

Angela x



  1. are funny girl! I love taking pictures, but im down here in Florida! Crosstiching though...

  2. Hi Ramsey
    Thanks for your comment!
    I've just had a visit over to your blog and your pictures are great!! who takes them?
    I'd like a couple of nice head shots and arty pictures of me. That's all :-)
    Yes I do cross stitching in spare time, so you know where to come if you need anything.
    oh and your outfits are to die for. Perhaps if i took photos of my outfits then i'd make more of an effort on that front...


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