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Friday, 8 April 2011

Woops! i totally forgot about Awkward and Awesome Thursday post. That's because my blogging challenge finished i think. Anyway, here goes...

  • Getting a virus on my work computer and my profile having to be deleted and now things fell different. It looks different too. Hmmm.
  • I made cupcakes for my sisters birthday ad mothers day last Sunday but they didn't turn out the best. I ran out of caster sugar and the buttercream icing was too runny. Next time they'll be perfecto!
  • When the bank phones your house with an automated message to say there is suspicious activity on your account. Your mum panics but it turns out it's only the pair of shoes you've ordered from a site in the USA. (another pair of Toms). *smileyface*
  • You're at spin class and a mature lady sits on the bike next to you. She stops and starts all the way through class and you're dying to fling her off the bike or shout 'pedal' to her. You know fine well if she stops pedalling without proper cool down her legs will cease up later on. You don't shout, you leave her but scowl because it's putting you off your stride. Grrr..

  • My red Toms shoes. I bought them last weekend in Glasgow as I wore a pair of pump shoes which were digging into my feet and making them red and sore. So I hopped into Office shoes and bought the brightest shoes I could find. I did want another pair of Converse but these Toms were so so comfortable, slipper like. They've been getting a mixed reaction, mostly 'are you wearing slippers?'.
  • I spent nearly a full day in Glasgow last Saturday. Just wandering and shopping and people watching. It was good, plus I threw in a little cinema visit too. Saw Source Code. Okay film but not fantastic. I'd heard the chemistry between Jake G and Michelle M was 'sizzling'!! Err I didn't see that at all. She's ok at rom coms but not this kinda movie in my opinion. I'd give it 3 stars out of 5.
  • I got a fantastic invite through email. I'm not sure I'm allowed to say what it is yet but it's in a very posh hotel next week. I'll blog afterwards and try to get loads of pictures.
  • I'm making more plans for my trip to London and am way too excited.

Angela x


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