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Friday, 1 April 2011

April first marks then end of my personal blog each day in March challenge. I did it. I stuck to it. Granted, some days were light on the words but then you're probably glad of that.

What have i learned? Well it's given me the impetus to keep blogging regularly so i shall be. Maybe not every day but every other day, certainly. I've learned that I should keep two posts as a back-up as there were a few days i had to call on help for topic ideas. I actually quite liked the challenge. I was dreading it a bit when i started but i did find stuff to blog about each day.

During this time i was trying to think if my blog fitted into any category, because recently I've found lots of nice blogs to read which are mostly fashion ones. And i definitely don't fit into that bracket - fashion. I definitely don't want to be a social meeja blog. Can you imagine? Regurgitating what everyone else is writing about that day and trying to be the first to hit the publish button. No thank you. Although I'll probably never shut up about Twitter and this here Blogger platform as I'm sure big things are gonna happen soon.

No, I think I can only say that my blog is about me and all aspects of my life and I'm not sure what category that fits into. Actually, I don't want to fit into a category and be labelled. Labelling is limiting. I'll just be me, it's all i can be and hope that you stick around for the journey.

In other news, it's been two years, yes TWO WHOLE YEARS since the trek to Nepal. I'll have more to say on that soon and a book about it. Yes, you heard right. A book about the trek and everyone on it. Stay tuned.

In other 'other news', I got an interesting email from someone the other day about another blog i write for. I am being invited somewhere! I will have details from said person soon. It's all very exciting and intriguing and I'm not sure I'm going yet (I want to wait to see what it's all about), but as you know, I will blog about it. If i'm allowed.

Peace out
Angela x

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