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London - the prologue

Thursday, 21 April 2011

I sit here in the lobby are of The Hoxton Hotel in London where i've been for a few days. It's nearly 11.30pm and the place is buzzing with people still. Just wanted to check in and let you know i've had a great couple days so far and i'll be giving a few more posts on this here London trip when i get home on Saturday night.

A highlight so far has been that i finally took the plunge and got my hair cut and coloured while i've been here. It was done at a lovely salon just round the corner from the hotel called Jones and Payne. I thoroughly recommend them if you're in the area. I'll give you the full story on how i came to London and got new lovely hair!

Another highlight was i walked along the southbank this morning and visited Tate Modern again. I wanted to catch an exhibition this time and lo and behold there was a Joan Miro exhibition that has just started. I love Joan Miro's work. Some of it a bit off the wall but i generally like it as there's lost of colours and something to keep your eyes amused. I also saw the Ai Weiwei seed installation. Strange one. There must be millions there in the Turbine Hall, i wanted to grab one but of course you aren't allowed so i didn't risk it.

Aah I'm so tired but check back at the weekend for my London trip posts.

Angela x

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