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Sunday, 3 April 2011

I took a little Twitter break last week. It was partly because I wasn't feeling at my best and we all know there's some on Twitter who'd rather you didn't talk about the sometimes rotten things in life because it upsets their equilibrium when they're high from winning that new job or taking delivery of their iPad2, that sits well on the desk at home along with their iPod, Shuffle, Macbook, iPad1, iPhone 4, MacBook Air and their 27" iMac. But also because I couldn't be bothered with the moaning of some folk.

I did observe a lot though. I learned a lot of things. That some (whether they wish to admit it or not) are using scheduled tweets. Some will *never* say anything remotely down incase it has a negative effect on their brand, personal or business. (I ask though, is that being real? I mean is it??...). Some have the monopoly on the woe is me syndrome and they use it to full effect every day, sometimes every hour - tedium. Some people are genuinely funny and tweet great tweets, magical tweets that I'd like to have the imagination to write. Some are genuine real nice people. They stick out like a sore thumb in an increasingly tough environment where lots seem to be fighting to impress with every tweet. There's the shameless pluggers who are trying to get you take up their services. I'd give them a brief sentence of advice - LESS IS MORE. Too many plugging tweets and it begins to look a bit desperate. If your product is that great why do you need to keep pushing it and using tricks to fool people into thinking that someone very famous uses your service and when they click the link said famous person clearly does not use your product. There's the bloggers i like to follow who are creative, imaginative, not overly pushy and best of all they are the real people who inspire me because usually they're doing a job out of love and not out of making as many bucks in as quick a time as possible. There's the parents with children that you occasionally get a glimpse of but you almost always get an idea of how their days have gone. There's the forty-somethings who flirt their way through the stream. The people who RT their pals, not because they have something good to say but because it's their pal. The wonderfuls who take pictures of things - I love seeing other peoples pictures. Their's trusted friends who actually remember that they haven't seen you in a while. There's tried-hards that try too hard. The people with social media in their job titles who post blogs on the same old stuff but regurgitate it in their own way. Much like the folk who take a story and post it to their blog, tweet the link to it and ... well you know the rest. The people who live their whole lives on Twitter. The gurus who are trying everything to convince you they aren't gurus, usually by criticising folk who have the audacity to use it on their bios. Makes me laugh.

Thank goodness for the good ones though eh.

What things do you observe on Twitter?

Angela x


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