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Thursday, 31 March 2011

So Google and Blogger, announce a new Dynamic Views for your Blogger blog. I've had a go, click the link below to see it. Pretty neat I'd say. Theirs Mosaic, Snapshot, Flipboard, Timeslide and Sidebar views.

This is the Snapshot view of mine. Cool eh.

It's funny the amount of people who criticise Blogger as a blogging platform. When i started my blog and searched around the web it was one of the first ones to come up to I just liked it straight away. As you know I did try to move away to another platform but i just do not like Wordpress. Everyone uses Wordpress and therefore you see blogs that sorta all look the same because they haven't changed or tweaked their theme. I have a Tumblr and a Posterous blog too but never really update them. I always come back to this little place I now call home. I'll always keep this blog no matter what.

I just can't wait until Blogger releases the iPhone app and the all new dashboard with, hopefully, some new features!

Always a Blogger girl
Angela x



  1. hye angela ! its me atiqah..n u can call me from malaysia..i saw ur n it looks very awesome ! n i eager to make for my blog ..but i dun know how to make it..can u pls teach me..u can contack me via gmai.. or juz add me at facebook email : tq :)

  2. I think it's just really difficult to swap platforms once you've got going! I love Wordpress as I don't have much time to play about with the layout and make it 'mine' so I like that the themes pretty much do most of the work for you! The snapshot view looks pretty funky though :)


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