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Thursday Three - favourite weekend pastimes/activities

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Favourite weekend pass times, traditions or activities

Number one
Is so very obvious. Shopping! I'm a girl after all. It's what I do best. Actually the truth of the matter is I go window shopping, unless I'm buying something to wear for a special occasion. I don't really need any more t-shirts or tops or cardi's or jeans for every day use. I used to buy just for the sake of it but made a conscious effort not to in the past 2 years. It's worked. Now when i;m in town on a Saturday I'll head to WH Smith for a lottery ticket and to Marks and Spencers for some bits and bobs of food. I like to browse all the shops though never buy unless I really need it. Like, I really needed that Mac False Lash Mascara. Oh yes, I so did.

Number two
Saturday night is one of my regular spin class nights. I head to The Peak sports centre about 5:15 for the 6pm class. It's good because it's pretty empty at that time of night. The class used to be empty too which was good, but more people have been attending recently. Maybe that's the post Christmas rush though. I've missed it the past two weeks because of a wedding and my trip down south so will be heading there again this weekend. I've recently added a Friday night spin class to my programme. It's a great class. Sometimes really busy but it sets me up for the weekend. I come home and make some pasta for my dinner afterwards then chill. Bliss.

Number three
Sunday afternoon cinema is becoming a sort of tradition. Since I got my Cineworld card after Christmas I've seen a fair few movies on a Sunday afternoon. Mostly good ones i have to say. When you go to see a movie, would you just go along to see it even if all that you've read about it doesn't appeal? or if the genre doesn't appeal to you? I don't think i can. Movies that are totally not my cup of tea are horror or things that are too unbelievable like, for example, Avatar. That just didn't appeal to me. I have no desire to see it at all. Sorry.

So that's it. Ah I've realised I'm giving away all my secrets and my weekends really aren't all that. If I ever do get a life these traditions and activities will probably change. I was going to say maybe there but i got a row for saying that last night on Twitter... ha ha. So yes, those activities will change when I get a life.

Angela xx


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