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Born This Way

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

March has arrived. I love March. Not only is it my birthday month but it's the month when we see new colours blossom on the tiny flowers and the days are much longer and lighter at nights. I love it. During March I have decided to try, try so very hard, to do a blog post each day! (I know, mad eh). If not each day then certainly every other day. I'm not promising long in depth posts but just one thing each day. Are you with me? yes? cool. Let's begin.

I've just come back from a very lovely little day trip away down south. Blog to follow, but don't worry Carly I will not blog the taxi ride, haha. Anyway, that wee day trip and those lovely people have kind of inspired me to think more of myself. You know, with a little more confidence. A song came on the radio and I was curious to see the new video. For Lady Gaga's new song Born This Way as I really quite like the song. No matter what you think of her she lives the way she wants and she is who she is. I'm not sure she's that comfortable in her own skin. I think she is? Anyway the song is very catchy and so what if it sounds similar to a Madonna song. It's fab. I looked up the lyrics and found that some struck a chord. So I decided to watch the video. Wowsers. It's amazing. She looks fantastic in it. Jealous. Here it is. And the YouTube link in case it doesn't work...

I'm beautiful in my way, 
'Cause God makes no mistakes 

I'm on the right track, baby 

I was born this way 

Don't hide yourself in regret, 

Just love yourself and you're set 

I'm on the right track, baby 

I was born this way 

(Born this way) 

Angela (and Lady Gaga) :) xx


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