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Thursday Three - school memories

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Ah school, good times, good people, good life.

First Crush
Do you ever forget your first crush? I haven't. I first noticed Kenny McGowan in about 2nd year at high school. He was average sized, brown hair and was a really nice looking boy. He was in the year above me at school and I remember me and Sarah Jane Law used to talk about him and his pal all the time. They were in a cool gang. of which I would never be part of, especially since they were a year older!! I remember too that when we me, my sister and our friend used to go to Celtic games at the weekend he'd be there too on another bus and our friend would talk to him but I never would. I was scared. He'd never fancy me. I think i always liked him all through high school but to this day I haven't spoken to him. Strange huh. I remember too he used to wear a black jacket with orange bits on it, played football out the back of the school and used to carry an Umbro holdall to hold all his stuff in. I've seen him a few times lately and he still looks that same, still handsome. So that was him, my first crush, Kenny McGowan.

My friends
You know how you move through school and you hang around with different people and then you settle in with a group who become really good friends. That's what happened but i'll never forget any of the girls I used to pal around with. I remember me and Marie Toner used to write each other wee notes but we didn't hang around at this point. We'd phone each other at night sometimes too then write letters but i don't think we ever hung around at school. We were in some of the same classes though but we'd pass each other in the corridors and hand over the letters. I suppose that what you did before you could text each other or chat on msn. Lorraine Victors was another good friend. I remember her being devastated when Take That split up and by the power of Facebook I've seen that she was overjoyed when they got back together again! At the end of our school years there was a big bunch of us who used to hang around, mostly at the back maths corridor. We'd get our lunch, go to the shop, but sweeties and a wee bottle of Irn Bru then go to that corridor and hang around there all lunch time. You could see outside where people played football or if there was a fight about to start. Looking back those were great times with wonderful people and if any of you are reading this then you mean a lot to me still.

School Trips
I was never well travelled as a child. Out summers were spent in Arbroath, Port Seaton or at my Pappy's for holidays. But mostly at home. School trips were mega exciting for me. A fantastic trip was to Germany with Mr Raeburn and a few others i can't remember. But it was a great trip. We visited a little German town that was on the River Rhone (I can't for the life of me remember its name). We went day trips to Koblenz and a trip to a theme park called Fantasialand (Phantasialand?) which may not have even been in Germany. Anyway the trip started with a day long bus trip leaving our school at 10pm on a Friday night and getting back the next Saturday at 10am. We always stayed in little quaint hostel type hotels but they were enough. On that trip I discovered I had a crush on Christopher Lyons, I didn't get seasick, Michael Connelly put a curtain ring on his nose and pretended he was a bull (very funny) and folk were getting served drink on a local pub when they were 15! I've attached a few pics below and an FB link to lots more if you want to have a look at my massive hair and Umbro jumper. I thought it was cool.

Thanks Ben for suggesting this topic. There were more things I could've written about but i'd have been here all night!

Angela xx


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